Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some apologies

I'm sorry I haven't watched Grey's yet. I will be watching it tonight so you can expect some major Bailey-praising, hot men worshipping and Izzie-bitching tomorrow.

I'm sorry to my boss that I haven't been to work before 9 in a week and a half. I have no excuse except that I am a lazy piece.

I'm sorry to my book club ladies that in an act reminiscent of something I would do in high school and college, Diane and I didn't read the book "The Kiterunner" but rather went to see the movie. Hey-at least it wasn't CliffsNotes.

I'm sorry I don't know this guy.

And I'm sorry I can't come up with anything witty to say about this story except holy effing eff.


Amity said...

I'm sorry for my stupidity. On Friday, I saw a snippet of the news story about the twins separated at birth. When I recounted it to two friends, I was very confused as to why they wouldn't recognize that they have the same scars if they were separated at birth (i.e. conjoined twins). My friends, after laughing profusely at me, explained (reminded me) that a) conjoined twins have to be identical, therefore not boy/girl and, b) these twins were actually just adopted off to two families. Go me, the braniac...

Anonymous said...

That is the strangest story I've read in ages!

Dhor said...

Ahahahahaha you could totally party with the lawn mower guy. I'm guessing he would add even more color to your stories. Plus you just seem to be cool and inviting like that. GUFAWWW :)