Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flying the friendly bars

So Scott and I were just discussing my single status and how annoying it is. For those of you that don't know, my ex and the reason this blog was even started in the first place, B, and I met on an airplane. Not a normal way to meet someone, but it was fun and interesting and would've made for a great story if he hadn't turned out to be a Cleveland-and-Sarah-abandoner. So this is what Scott just wrote me:

"Hey! Maybe you need to take a couple of random flights. That has worked for you in the past. SouthWest has a $29 special right now. Get a flight from here to Chicago, then from there to Des Moines, then to Topeka, then to Dallas, then Oklahoma City, then to Nashville, back to Cleveland. That's like $180 - but also like 7 different singles bars."

I love Scott.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm beginning to come around on Scott. That's awesome! -Steph

Idea #527 said...

You can stop and see me in Des Moines! There's a lot of breweries and wineries around here!

Tori said...

OR you could just fly to Baltimore, crash at my place, get ripped, put your ass-kickin boots, go find B and stand behind me while I kick him in the babymaker a few times til he's down, then you jump in.

Sounds like a plan, BOOK IT!

Mon said...

1) not a bad idea.
2) not a bad idea at all, because you could get sucked into some sort of magnetic field and crash land safely on an island like Lost. And there would be your hottie, who looks just like Jack. You would fall madly in love, but hope you dont get pregnant, cus then you'd die, seeing how all the women die that get preggers on the island, and all the men have super sperm. While you are there, will you kindly kick the crap out of Benry, because someone needs to. And ask Locke to get his head out of his a** and find out who jacob is for us. Don't forget you need a constant or your brain will melt like Desmond's.

Ok, can you tell it's time for lost to come back?

Shannon Erin said...

Sounds like Mon wants to be your constant.

Jason 'Fogges' said...

Um, don't forget Minneapolis. We are a hub city and there is a light rail that goes from the terminal to the bars downtown and the Mall of America. Why get a hotel room when you can just sneak into KB toys before closing and pass out on a pile of tickle me elmos?

If you visit during the dreaded RNC (Republican National Convention - I know boo!!) The bars will be open until 4am. And this is a noted Irish community so...the rest pretty much takes care of itself.

Anonymous said...

i heart scott, that is the best idea ever. i so double dog dare you to do it. how freaking cool would that be?

CruiserMel said...

It sounds like a plan to me - well, maybe just FOR me. I tend to have good luck on planes...that is, if I actually make it onto the planes. The guy's got a point there.

So when are you going to give it a go?