Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I seriously love Chiclets

So Diane STILL hasn't given me the pictures I need to post about Kevin nor have I finished my poem, and I think now that both of those posts have been so built up that there is no way they will ever live up to the hype. But I promise to still post them. Sadly, I don't have much else to write about today. Things are weird here the past couple days because a guy that I have worked with on a particular project for 5 months died suddenly on Saturday. I was supposed to see him yesterday morning, and then he was just gone. It's not like we were best friends, but he was part of my daily life for 5 months, and it makes me sad. I've already cried, and I think all I have left to do is to get drunk and pour one out for him because that man loved to drink. No wonder we got along.

Oh here is a question I'd like to pose to all of you: How come at other people's birthday parties, I get as drunk as or drunker than the person of honor? Such was the case on Saturday. Though I won't go as far as to say I was drunker than my sister because she held her own. I think my favorite part was when we were at her house after the festivities, and she was falling asleep on the couch and Drew said, "Hey Diane, show your sister our wedding bands." and I said, "Yeah show me!" And she angrily said, "You guys are being really mean." That made a lot of sense.

As for me, I think maybe I was at my most classy when I was dancing in the front window of the bar trying to "bring in new customers". Or maybe it was when I was stealing quarters from everyone so I could stuff my face with Chiclets. Or, I don't know, when I challenged Matt B. to a dance off because I didn't want him to leave. At any rate, it was a freaking blast, and I really think I've killed all the bad brain cells and am starting in on the good ones because this morning after I was at my desk for 20 minutes, I had to doublecheck that I had put underwear on this morning.

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weesle909 said...

Okay, so now two things we want to know:

1) Did you?
2) How did the guy die? Hope it wasn't related to the fact that, "...that man loved to drink."