Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't got a motorboat but I can float your boat

Okay I started this post before midnight so I'm counting it as posting yesterday.

The Sunday before last I went down to Columbus to see my friends Kim and Mike and their awesome 11 month old baby, Carson. I'm not kidding when I say he is the cutest child you have ever seen. I got to feed him and tickle him and pretend like I was going to eat his hands and feet and he blew me kisses, and it was the greatest thing ever. It was all I could do to not shove him in my duffle bag and smuggle him home. (I'm just kidding, Kim-I would never steal your baby. Probably.)

Sunday night Kim and I went to see Billy Joel in concert. It was amazing. He is amazing. He sounds just as awesome now as he did 30 years ago. His piano skills are incredible, and he was funny and told stories and sang "Hang on Sloopy". It was glorious, and I almost cried during "Just the Way You Are". I cannot hear Billy Joel without instantly thinking of my parents and my childhood. It's funny how some songs are so ingrained in your memories.

Speaking of music, a little while ago someone suggested I do a post about the top 20 most played songs on my iPod. I looked this up yesterday. I have no idea how accurate this is because some of my favorite songs say that I've only listened to them like 3 times. But whatever. I am surprised by these results because there is like no 80's music. What is that about? Who am I? I don't even recognize myself.

By the way, I just added new songs to my iPod tonight so after this week I fully expect songs from the new Weepies album to be on this list. They aren't everyone's style (folk), but I am obsessed with them and they're new album is fantastic.

1. Friday Night Lights theme song. What? Seriously? The theme song to a television show is the most played song on your iPod, Sarah? Yes. Yes it is. Would it be my iPod otherwise? I don't think I need to remind all of you how much I love "Friday Night Lights" and how much you are missing out on if you don't watch it. The theme song is so pretty, and it reminds me of the show, and I get goosebumps every time I listen to it so I just play it over and over again. God I love you, FNL.

2. One Day - Trading Yesterday. This band used to have an album out, but now they don't or it's discontinued or I don't know. It's all very complicated. I don't remember how I got this song, but I'm sure it was obtained legally. The lead singer of this band used to be in Evanescence and then he dated Kelly Clarkson and when they broke up she wrote the song "Never Again" about him. Incidentally, no song ever sung by Kelly Clarkson now or in the future will be as good as "Since U Been Gone". I'm going on record with that.

3. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional. Um...this song is glorious. Absolutely glorious.

4. Best Days - Matt White. So this song is from Shrek 3. I know. But it is so good and reminds me of summer. You can't help but bob your head along to the beat.

5. Solid - Dandy Warhols. The Dandy Warhols are really weird, but this song is so fun. It's the theme song from a short-lived show called "Undeclared" that was on in 2004. My sister and I loved that show. It was hysterical. It was Judd Apatow's second TV series after "Freaks and Geeks" and Seth Rogen was in it and Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother". If you are ever looking for something to watch, rent the series. It's clever.

6. I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty. I listen to this song at least once a day so it should probably be at the top, but I will accept it at number 6. You should really buy the whole Haughty Melodic album because it's awesome, but at the very least please download this song and bask in its amazingness. He says the word "snost" as the past tense of "snooze"!...!!!

7. Anticipating - Britney Spears. This was not one of Brit's released singles, but I cannot get enough of it. When I listen to it, in my head I choreograph a dance to the chorus. Maybe I will bring the dance out at Dance Dance Party Party someday. Although there is no way I will actually be able to do the dance in person as well as I do it in my head. In my head, I belong on Dancing with the Stars. In real life, I belong on a short bus.

8. The Man - Pete Yorn. Go listen to this song. It is fantastic.

9. Card House Dreamer - This Providence. I'm seeing a pattern here. Most of these songs are fun for me to dance to in my car.

10. Love Song - Sara Bareilles. You guys, I've been listening to this song since way before they started overplaying it on the radio. But I am still obsessed with it. Buy this girl's album. Her voice is phenomenal.

11. Can't Get Away - Third Eye Blind. How can you not love a song that goes, "Ba baba ba bu-ba baba ba bu-ba baba ba bu-ba baba ba".

12. Theme song from "Silver Spoons". Um. I don't know what to say here. Except for you and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...we're gonna find our way.

13. Mine Again - Black Lab. This song is so pretty. Every girl has an ex she wishes would sing this song to her.

14. Weight of the World - Chantal Kreviazuk. I love Chantal Kreviazuk with all of my being. Plus she is married to the lead singer of Our Lady Peace. Has there ever been a cooler couple?

15. I'm Ready - Jack's Mannequin. One of the greatest songs ever in my humble opinion or IMHO as the kids say. I've said it before, Johnny Virgil's said it before, Andrew McMahon is a genius. JM has a new album coming out in June, and now I understand the Star Wars nerds' motivation for wanting to stand in line for movie tickets.

16. The Frug - Rilo Kiley. Any song that says "I can do the Robocop" is a-okay with me.

17. Shut Your Eyes - Shout Out Louds. Seriously every song I listen to is fun to dance to in my car. Well then how come I have so much road rage in the morning? I should be the happiest person on the road. Maybe I would be if it wasn't for all the assholes driving around me.

18. The Way I Are - Timbaland. I dare you not to dance to this song. Why is Timbaland so awesome?

19. More Than a Feeling - Boston. Obviously. I sound awesome singing this song. I mean I can't really hear myself because I have the music turned up so loud, but I bet I sound awesome. Plus I probably look cool to people driving by me.

20. Bad Reputation - Freedy Johnston. You guys, this song came out in like 1994 or something, and it wasn't even all that popular I don't think, but I have loved it ever since. I tend to rewind it over and over. Not rewind. Repeat. I'm not listening to it on a cassette player. Even though I do own the cassette.

Okay now you guys tell me what you are listening to.


Lisa said...

Bad Reputation is one of my all time favorites as well. Not many people know it but I am like you and play it over and over again. :)

Check out some solo Brendan Benson if you want some great tunes that will get stuck in your head and make you very happy....

Anonymous said...

The Kills - Midnight Boom
Spread the word.


The Grand Wave said...

Lot's of Jack's Mannequin. Also, Something Corporate is pretty awesome if you like that lyric style.

Shannon Erin said...

Snost!!! One of the many reason I love that song and Mike Doughty.

Gordon said...

You have literally the most random taste in music. Seriously, Silver Spoons? The Mr. Belvedere theme was WAY better. I was going to start writing what I've been listening to, but it turned into a full fledged post on my blog instead. I figured you didn't want me leaving a 1500 word comment.

Jason 'Fogges' said...

Brandi Carlile
Pearl Jam

*You can never hear too much Pearl Jam.

Sizzle said...

I've met The Weepies (love them- fantastic show!) and Sara B. (I saw her in LA before she was signed by Epic, it's been so awesome to see her rise to fame because she is super uber talented and incredibly sweet).

russ said...

Did you hear that Freedy Johnson got fired?

The other night I looked up a band I was way into in college, the Judybats, so technically I've been listening to them a lot recently.

Idea #527 said...

Stolen is perhaps one of my favorite songs.

Check out Del Amitri-Tell Her This, Dexter Freebish-Leaving Town, and one of my other all time favorites Rusted Root-Send Me on My Way.

Oh and a side note--I had to fly to Phoenix for work and met a guy from around where I live that had just flown in at the bar. I gave him my number and we'll see if he calls! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

make me another CD! I don't know a lot of these :) 1-4 are amazing. I listened to the FNL theme song the whole time that I worked out the other day.


Mon said...

Ok. The way I are is the only song I know. Obviously you have poor taste in music. (ha ha) Where's Mims? And Madonna, and like, creed or something?