Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break Day

I just want to say that I love you guys so much for all your suggestions. I will be reviewing all of them and choosing which one(s) I am going to try. A, Tor's right. Scuba diving = sharks. You'd have better luck getting me to give up Salt & Vinegar Pringles than getting me scuba diving. But I like how you're thinking. Note to Christian re: your comment: BURN!

Now here is my idea for all of you who are experiencing not so great weather and are annoyed: Spring Break Day. We did this on Saturday because we all needed to be cheered up from the gloomy weather. And actually the weather ended up being awesome only making our Spring Break Day that much better. It was, shockingly, Steph's brainchild. Here is what it entailed:

- Wearing spring break clothes or at least spring break colors.
- Yelling at people who didn't dress up spring break-y. For example, Sharda, Diane and Aloyd.
- Making fun of Aloyd for wearing a black wristband.
- Starting your drinking early in the day.
- Going to a really fun, summery bar and drinking pitchers of fruity drinks. Lots and lots of pitchers.
- Asking your waitress if she has cards and her coming back with a deck. That the bartender gave her. From her car. Awesome.
- Playing Kings at the bar.
- Going to a different bar downtown and drinking for charity. I'm not just saying that. We drank for Junior Achievement. Listen I do what I have to do for the kids.
- Using one of Matt's crutches as one of the following: guitar, microphone, boyfriend.
- Watching Meg be completely coherent and together one minute and then 10 minutes later not able to form sentences.
- Going to yet another bar to stuff your face with food you don't need.
- Talking about how you're young spring breakers who will be out till the bars close and then realizing you are actually old and going home at midnight...or 10 *cough*Steph*cough*

Try it. It is fun. Oh except you need a friend on crutches. You can borrow Matt if you want. He's nice and fun and laughs really loud and will let you borrow his crutches to try and gain sympathy from the opposite sex.


Aaron said...

Why you gotta hate on me? Cause I'm beautiful? -ALoyd

Anonymous said...

I started my Spring Day earlier, hence, the 10pm bedtime. Remember, I went to West Side Market for ripe fruit, then the free City Greenhouse for tropical feel, then a local pizza shop to eat like college kids...I can't help it if you all waited until the fruity drinks to join me. I standby 10pm being perfectly acceptable. -Steph

A said...

Right, I definitely overlooked your anti-shark specification. Oops!

At any rate, your spring break day sounds like a blast. Good idea.

Idea #527 said...

I'm supposed to be on crutches and decided crowded bars are not a good place to be on them. Or really to be walking with a gimp. Or go to bars that are three stories and the elevators down. I never realized how much I used my ankles to dance either!

I'm totally stealing your spring break idea!!

matt said...

Yeah, crutches in a crowded bar just doesn't work at all. We left before the bar started getting too crowded though...hence stop number three (well, that would have been 5 for me I guess - head starts rule) I don't know who you are #527, but we're now officially crutch buddies. With our powers combined we can form a full fledged air crutch band.

Christian said...

For Julian's spring break week we shipped him off to his Aunt's in Pine (which is up in the mountains where they have this novel thing called snow that we drive up to to go play in) and Debbie and her mom and I got drunk on a Monday night for the first time in about six years and played WII bowling till I utterly destroyed my pro status and lost my cool marbled blue ball. But Spring is over here. Supposed to be 95 this Sunday. Ugh!

Torrence said...

I promise to put SHARK SPOILER ALERT at the top of my posts should they have any similarities to the last one.

Spring Break Day is real here, um try upwards of 70 the past 2 days. Baltimore ain't so bad after all.

Alexa said...

now that simply sounds like a glorious time.

Jason 'Fogges' said...

I have a question...not to diminish your blogging in your blog to Della Reese's Pieces, but where has Danielle been? She hasn't been blogging in like forever!