Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Get a hobby

You guys, I need your help. I need a new hobby, but I am at a loss on what to try. It doesn't have to be anything long term. But I want to try something new.

Things to avoid:

- Hard drugs

- Sharks

- Running

- Haunted houses

- Motorcycles

- Politics

- Anything that would make me have to become a vegetarian

- Anything that involves me having to dress up as a mascot and make out with other people dressed as mascots

- Girls Gone Wild videos

- Anything that would increase the likelihood of me hurting myself (I know this is a wide net to cast as I hurt myself trying on bras and straightening my hair so how about if you're not sure, go ahead and suggest it anyway then I'll decide if I think I can hurt myself badly. The thing is even if you suggested "Get a job testing pillows", it's inevitable that I would still hurt myself so obviously some amount of pain is unavoidable.)

So..anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


Nessa said...



A said...


scuba diving


applying to get on reality tv shows

music - learn an instrument

Torrence said...

NO scuba diving for Sarah after my shark story from last summer. Hmmm, how about yard-saling, or knitting, or crappy tv show commentator?

xo said...

Lawn Bowls
Freelance Writing
Tropical Fish
Celebrity Impersonation

Tracy Lynn said...

Volunteering at the library

Ok, that's kind of lame, but I am struggling for a hobby where you won't hurt yourself. Stamp collecting? Model airplanes? Lawn darts?

Ok, not that last one.

Xilo said...

Juggling! It's really simple and cheap and builds patience, balance, and coordination. Especially if you do it being filmed naked on a motorcycle while shooting heroin and talking about "issues"

D-HOR said...

OOO!! oOO!! Learn to make balloon animals and volunteer at a hospital. They've got kits in like all the big book stores. I always wanted to know how to do balloon animals (supreme dork) so I justified it with "doing it for the children"

OR volunteering @ the humane society.

Learn the guitar? Kazoo? HARMONICA!!!

Habitat for humanity?

I'd go with the balloons.

russ said...

Why don't you start making muxtapes for the world?

Anonymous said...

Because I want to meet more fun people and I'm far to insane to stick to something long enough to make it a hobby (except DDPP), I mean I'm already getting bored with my spiritual experiment, I think you should do a hobby that allows you to meet people and then bring back eligible single men for me when you decide you don't love them...

try this: http://www.network-twenty.com/play/best_hobbies_meet_people.html

Idea #527 said...

I was thinking:

-Wine taster

-Food taster

-Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters

-Take a dance class so you can learn some new dance moves for DDPP

-Take a bartending class and maybe bartend in your spare time

Christian said...


Wyldth1ng said...

Finger puppet designing.

H said...

Hang gliding!

weesle909 said...

Xilo is right - Juggling. And I'll tell you why.

1) It's short term. You can learn it in a couple of weeks, max a month. With just a few minutes a day.

2) Very little chance of injury. In fact, your whole list of 'things to avoid' is covered.

3) Once you can do it (even a little), it's way more impressive to people than it deserves to be (see point #1).

4) Like riding a bike, you'll always remember how to do it. So you can drop the hobby without losing the talent.

I'm serious. Just learn to juggle and then check it off your list of things to accomplish in life. Just make sure you get proper juggling balls. And a how-to book. You'll start slow and then one day say, "Holy shit, I'm juggling!".

If your friends/coworkers really love you, one of them will buy you a "Juggling For Dummys" book or something like it.

Anonymous said...

You should collect corks & make wreaths or corkboards out of them. They are getting really rare (the real cork) and the only way you can get them is to DRINK WINE!! It's a win-win, really. All the kids are doing it!

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Get a monkey. It will fill your life with excitement and if you get him an organ grinder you can make a little money on the side.

I'm not even kidding.

Anonymous said...

coordinate scavenger hunts-uhh what is more awesome than that.

Invsetigate polygamist ranches in ohio. follow up by not dating anyone you meet through investigation

find these so called racing tracks and pick up 'fast' men

hold a random survey in the mall
that targets our age group
pretend to be orchestrating a very big and exciting new cast

lemonade stands

'give back' approach
go to a movie once a week and buy someone popcorn

well ill have to get back to you on any other ideas-back to work

Mon said...

this is legit, and you can turn it into a business, and if you do i wanna profit since its my idea.
you should be a tour guide to the city since obviously you know all the cool spots (and dance classes) to go to.

it could be like a hip version of something lame like those old folk buses you see at the rest areas.

Craig Pfeifer said...

Knitting seems to be back in style these days, how about that?

Shannon Erin said...

My recommendations are:

1. Woodworking

2. Urban game organizer (urban golf, urban capture the flag, scavenger hunting/urban orienteering). You should see if Cleveland has a Cacophony Society. If so, join it. If not, start one.

Stufsocker said...

You could learn to make pottery. I'm talking with a potter's wheel and kiln and glazes. IT's kinda awesome. I took classes to do it. You get a bit messy and are all tense for an hour at a time while you keep steady and make the bowls, trays, vases, whatever, but when you're done you're left with a wonderful light and loose feeling. Plus you have a new bowl, tray, vase, whatever. I lurrrrved it.