Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your Friday at work sucked compared to mine

It's a multiple post day to the best of my ability since I'm officially the worst blogger ever!

Friday was a big day for John. No he didn't get a promotion nor did his kids do anything amazing. His car flipped the 100k mile mark. Obviously to celebrate we went on a lunch road trip. That morning he drove approximately 100 miles around the city to get it to a place where it would flip if we went somewhere at lunch. Only there were still 45 miles to go. So we drove out to the suburbs to a place called Mr. Divot's. Mr. Divot's is a putt putt, batting cage, driving range place that I literally hadn't been to since 1993. I have no idea how John thought of that place, but here's how our conversation went:

Me: Where do you want to go?
John: I don't know. I'm trying to think of someplace kind of far that I haven't been to in a while. Mr. Divot's?
Me: What? Is that place even still open?
John: Want to find out?
Me: Hell yeah.

So we grabbed Dan and Katie who with about 3 seconds notice that they would be gone from work for over 2 hours immediately agreed to come, and we headed down south to Mr. Divot's. The place hasn't changed in 15 years. I think maybe the women who work there are the same ones that were there when I was high school. We ate, we took pictures then we headed back downtown. Only we didn't cover enough miles. So then we started looping around the city. Dan suggested we head over to a traffic circle and drive around it for 9 miles. After driving around, John decided he wanted his car to flip in front of the Christmas Story House. So we headed over there, drove around the block a couple times and then it happened. John took about a hundred pictures, and I took a couple of John in front of his car. Then we got back in and John said, "Okay it's time to sell this piece of shit."

I love John.

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