Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are you kidding me

I was just presented with a pin at work for 10 years of service. So I'm gonna go jump off the roof. If you see me laying on the sidewalk just make sure I'm not laying in pigeon poop.


Anonymous said...

girlfriend -- don't despair. it's a pretty good job. I passed my 10 year w/ same last December. enjoy that paycheck!

Sizzle said...

I like how you are concerned that as your body lay in a jumble of broken bones, you won't be lying in pigeon poop. :)

Couldn't they get you something better than a pin?!

Gordon said...

Dear Sarah,

Please don't land on my cart when you jump. I have children to feed. Thanks.


Hot Dog Cart Guy

Mon said...

after 7 consecutive years of perfect attendance at my last job, I got something different than the usual breakfast AT WORK, I got shit-canned.

Enjoy that pin!

And pigeon poop is better than landing on a bum.

Shannon Erin said...

You know what we get after 10 years of service? Nada.

D-HOR said...

So is it at least gold so you can pawn it?????