Thursday, May 08, 2008

A multiple choice question for you

Last Wednesday I did which of the following things:

A. Went to the mall and bought 5 new dresses.
B. Went home and watched TV while eating Salt & Vinegar Pringles.
C. Got up out of bed and immediately fell over.
D. Went to get a drink with Diane, Matt, Steph and Meg before the Cavs game, decided to go to a bar with a bunch of people to watch the Cavs game, got sloppy drunk, went to Keith's house, proceeded to kick John and Keith's ass, along with my teammate Dan, at Shout About Movies and then talked about "The Hills"-with 2 men-until midnight.

If you guessed D, you are absolutely right and know me pretty well. I had every intention of getting one drink with Diane and going home. But dammit-John told me to go to Old Angle, and I just couldn't say no. Some things you should know:

1. Dan and I are awesome at Shout About Movies. Like sickenly awesome. Keith and John weren't even close to catching up to us the whole time. We will own anyone who challenges us.

2. I hate "The Hills". I hate it. But after the game Keith was like, "Oh I know what we should do now." and then put on "The Hills" and Dan yelled, "Oh my God is this the new one!?" and then they both morphed into 14 year old girls-or my sister and Steph. Also we watched Heidi's music video on YouTube and Spencer raps in it, and it was so bad, I felt violated after watching it.

3. I did A on Saturday. You know what people who are in debt should do? Buy 5 dresses in one day.

4. I did B...pretty much every day of my life.

5. I did C Thursday morning following D. Obviously.


Russ said...

So you coming to the Tap House to kick off a repeat?

BTW, my fiancee and I routinely destroy Kieth at his movie game -- I accept your challenge.

Mon said...

I am going to...A) log on to amazon and find that game for my very own self.

whatever, it sounds awesome!!!

Brandi said...

Apparently I'm 29 going on 14 because I SO love The Hills. I seriously TiVo it.

On a side note, what is this game you speak of? I MUST check it out.