Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just no, Ryan Reynolds

We need to talk about the entertainment world, folks. First of all, go see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It was so funny and charming and gross in the best possible way. I couldn't love Jason Segel more if he was just a giant Sour Patch Kid. He's my favorite character on How I Met Your Mother, he's obviously a talented writer, he's cute, funny and self deprecating and he's writing the next Muppets movie. I'm pretty sure he should be my boyfriend.

Um...I don't want to even address the Ryan Reynolds-Scarlett Johansson engagement. What are you doing, Ryan? I'm just going to assume this will be a repeat of the Alanis engagement. How many girls will you propose to until you realize I am the one for you? I know that one paragraph ago, I had another boyfriend. But don't let that scare you off. I can handle both of you.

Now...we need to talk about Lost because I am finally caught up. *Spoilers ahead* So I'm just not sure where to start. First of all, Sawyer doesn't get off the island? What!? And it was his choice? What is going on! Plus how cute was he when he was all protective of Hurley and Claire. SO cute. When he saved Claire from the explosion and then she woke up he was like, "Are you okay, sweetheart?" and I was like, "I think I would pay good money just to have him call me 'sweetheart'."

The beginning of the last episode with Jack and Kate was AMAZING. I was so happy I was squealing with delight. First he was shirtless. Then he was all in hot dad mode. Then he was making out with Kate. It was fantastic. But, of course, just like every other episode of this show, no one is allowed to just be happy. By the end of the episode they had taken it all away from me. Sometimes I really hate you, writers! Oh but obviously Jack knew Aaron was related to him so when will he find out that he and Claire are brother and sister!? I want to see it!! Plus seriously what is the deal between Ben and Penny's dad? Is this just a game to them or something? And if Ben kills Penny and takes her away from Desmond, I will personally smack each of the writers right in the face. Damn you, Lost. Why are you so awesome.


A said...

Last week's episode was the best EVER, I think, even though it didn't include Desmond and Ben who I love and hate respectively.

And I can't wait to see how Jack finds out he's Claire's sister/Aaron's aunt, too. And is that IT for Claire? She disappears in the jungle and that's it we never see her again? Or is there more to it and WHY DIDN'T SHE get off the island with Aaron?

N. said...

Lost is the best. :)

A little peek into the Penny-Desmond storyline:

Sizzle said...

My addiction to Lost keeps growing. It's a sickness! I can't help it!

Sassy Blondie said...

Ok, so here comes the profanity!

1. What the hell?? The writer's are a bunch of us shirtless Jack, the Jack and Kate happy family peek, and then flushing it straight down the shitter! All in ONE episode? I died a little inside, writers.

2. And after this last week's episode, I really only have one question: How the hell old is Richard?? That swarthy guy who used to be on Suddenly Susan has turned up looking the same in three different decades! Huh?

3. I loves me some Desmond too, brotha. Still haven't seen enough of him yet this season, which leads me to believe those writer bastards are gonna kill him off soon. No big storylines=next character dead, no?

4. And that Martin guy makes me hot...and scared too. Creepy. I kept backing up Tivo just to see his tatooed, muscled upper body. So I'm a little lonely..don't judge me!

5. Claire and Jack's dad, Christian? This means Claire is dead, right? What the hell?


(Sorry, Sarah...but come on!)