Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reason #752 why I'm a dork

My mom told me a story about myself this weekend of which I had absolutely no recollection. When I was in 6th grade my friends and I wanted to get our ears double pierced. My mom said no. So apparently what we did was organized a petition. It said, "We the undersigned moms think our daughters should be allowed to get double pierced ears" then we got the moms who said it was okay to sign it. Then for the girls whose moms said no, we took the petition to them basically explaining that now they had to let us get another set of piercings because look at the 5 or 6 other mothers that said it was okay. My mom said she called my friend Kelly's mother and said, "Did you see this? I'm still saying no, but this is hilarious."

Some comments:

1. My mom is mean.

2. See, Steph? At one time I believed in something so much I actually rallied for the cause and sponsored a petition to bring about change.

3. It's pretty clear why I erased this whole incident from my mind. See, when you reach levels of dorkiness that unbelievably high, your mind protects itself by repressing those memories.

4. I ended up getting my ears double pierced when I was 19, and my parents promptly told me I would never get a job. Awesome.


Mon said...

my god how'd you get a job with double peirced ears? Gasp! lol. My mom said that about my eyebrow peircing, then I got hired at Bank One to work in the loan processing dept. It wasn't the best job, but they didn't discriminate against me. And it paid $7.50/hr.

lengli said...

I look back on my enterprising nature during my childhood and I wonder why none of it carried over to my adult self. Oh, the lure of being lazy.

By the way, if your mother still has this, it should absolutely be scanned and posted here.

Alexa said...

that is great. i once made a petition with my friends to let us perform a dance to tiffany's "i think we are alone now" in my second(?) grade talent show.

my mom said that the lyrics were too explicit! oy.

Aaron said...

You should definitely show you mom you 10-year pin. That will show her! -ALoyd

Acyd said...

that is exactly what my parents said when i came home with a tattoo on my chest. my dad called me a harlet and said i'd never get another job for the rest of my life.

then i went and got a job as a tattoo artist. needless to say, my parents are very proud.

Acyd said...
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