Friday, June 26, 2009

I'll Be There

I am utterly exhausted plus I have to wait for my sister to send me pictures so I'll post about Def Leppard tomorrow. Basically right now I'm just sad. I was so sad about Farrah Fawcett this morning. She had such a tough battle, and I was sad to see her lose it. I hope she was surrounded by people she loved.

And then...the big news.

We were at Winking Lizard before the concert tonight, and CNN was on a few of the TVs so we were watching the coverage as it happened. And we were completely freaking out. I feel like it will be one of those days where in 20 years people will be asking you "Where were you when Michael Jackson died?" And I'll say, "I was at Winking Lizard in Peninsula, Ohio, with my friends. Drinking a Sex on the Beach."

It was me, Diane, Drew, Sharda and Aloyd, and Drew was like, "I'm glad you guys are here to get me through this time." He might have been making fun of me, Sharda and Diane because we were seriously losing our minds. Aloyd brought up an interesting question: How much did cell phone traffic increase at that moment when they announced it? I was texting like 20 people for a solid 20 minutes myself. Also Aloyd was like, "What if you were the doctor working on Michael Jackson. Like trying to save Michael Jackson's life and nothing was working." Holy crap. That is heavy.

You guys, it's Michael Jackson! Not just some guy. The King of Pop! He changed the landscape of entertainment-not even just music. You know what other landscape he changed? MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD. I mean sure the last 15 years or so he was an extra weird dude living in crazy town. He had some pretty serious problems no doubt brought on by such an awful childhood. But my God-the man was a musical genius. I mourn for the talented little boy from the Jackson 5 and for literally the coolest guy of the 80's. The man wore only one glove and made it a fashion phenomenon. I wore only one glove on St. Patrick's Day once, and I got called a drunk.

RIP, MJ. I'm going to go listen to "Human Nature" now because seriously I love that effing song.

P.S. You guys, after we found out we were driving to the concert, and Diane put on "Man in the Mirror". Sharda and I started crying. I'm not even kidding. Diane basically told us to suck it up. Thirty seconds later she screamed, "It's too soon! I can't do it!" and turned it off.


Anonymous said...

Micheal Jackson died a long time ago. The creepy, weird thing he left behind is what died yesterday.

weesle909 said...

That is by far the best comment I've heard yet about him. Brilliant. Since you're anonymous, I'll just take credit myself for coming up with that.


Sarah said...

Agreed. As I said-I mourn for the talented boy from the Jackson 5 and the talented guy from the 80's. It's hard to deny his death will remain an important part of entertainment history, though-no matter how you feel about him.

Sarah said...

OMG Anon and Weesle, you have to check this out.

weesle909 said...

Awesome! Leave it to The Onion. I should write for them. Or at least steal their material.

Thanks Sarah for sharing that.

I actually DID repost the anon comment on Facebook and took some grief for it. Now I'll go back and post the Onion link. That'll show 'em!