Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously loving them forever

I'm running out of ways to say how awesome the New Kids' concerts are. Sincerely. I've seen them now 3 times in 8 months, and each time was different. Some notable things about last night:

1. We bought the tickets for this concert on our drive home from Columbus after the last concert. Literally the next morning after we saw them, we were buying tickets again. Awesome.

2. We took Paul's 10 year old son Andy with us. He loves the New Kids (their new stuff-he's not as enamored with the old stuff as us old ladies are). When we went to the concerts last time he asked Diane if he could go the next time we went. So for his birthday (in a couple weeks), Uncle Drew and Aunt Diane bought him a ticket to the show. It was his first concert ever, and I think he really loved it. He brought his allowance money so he could buy a t-shirt (Dad helped since the shirts there are like $900 million), and he put it on right away. He knew all the words to all the songs and was singing along and yelling. It was so cute. Diane gave him this warning before we went: "Aunt Diane and the girls get a little crazy at these concerts so if you see us acting weird and screaming, just ignore us." At one point, Donnie was shaking his butt and Diane was screaming her head off. She looked down and Andy was looking up at her horrified. Also bonus awesome story:

Jen, Paul's wife and Andy's stepmom, was also at the concert but not sitting with us. During "I'll Be Loving You Forever" Andy looked up at Diane and goes, "What do you think Jen's doing right now?" And Diane said, "Probably singing." And Andy goes, "I think she's crying."

3. Before they sang "Dirty Dancing" they played a clip from the movie "Dirty Dancing". It was the scene where Johnny Castle comes back, walks up to the Houseman's table and says, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." The place went absolutely apeshit.

4. The boys came out to the back of the pavilion to sing one of their songs, and we were seriously right by Joe. And pretty close to Jordan, too. I'm pretty sure that counts as meeting them. I mean, it's really all I need to be convinced to tell people that.

5. Joe is beautiful. Like one of the most beautiful creatures on this Earth. Good Lord.

6. Only diehards will think this is awesome, but Joe sang "Popsicle". POPSICLE, you guys!! I think Diane, Renee and I were the only people singing along, but in a nutshell, I lost my fucking mind.

7. Drew was there. Drew did not want to go. But he wanted Andy to go, and he knew Andy would want him to be there. And you know what? I think he had fun. When they played the new songs he danced and sang along (because that album is great goddammit), and when they sang old songs he watched us and laughed. Plus the New Kids really put on an entertaining show. There's so much to look at. Drew, you loved it. Just admit it.

8. One of my favorite moments was about halfway through the concert when Kim said she was going to stop screaming because she didn't want to lose her voice for work the next day. Then Donnie proceeded to shake his ass for the camera, and she immediately screamed her ass off. Later on she goes, "I mean come on-I'm only human."

Tomorrow night? Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick. For real, people. God I already love this summer.


Amy said...

Joe used to be my favorite. I even had a New Kids pillowcase with him on it. Also New Kids fashion plates.

And in response to your last post -- I did the same thing with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. When I was in middle school, I sent him a fan letter asking for an autograph and he sent me back an 8x10 picture with pre-printed signature. I kept it in my top dresser drawer like it was long-lost treasure.

Obviously I was so popular in school.

Jacquie Bee said...

NKOTB fans of the world unite! Great post lady. I too heart the 5 bad brothers from the beantown land and have been attending several concerts on this tour. My BFF got to go to a meet and greet in Toronto last month. Sadly, I got to watch her hug Donnie from a great distance. Sigh. :)