Monday, June 01, 2009

I heart Andy Samberg

Random fact: Awesome church sign by my house: "Don't give up. Moses was once a basket case."

So I temporarily lifted my ban on watching any type of MTV awards show today because I love Andy Samberg. Here is my quick rundown of the show:

- I shamelessly admit that I love me some Shia LaBeouf. No need to make fun of me. I get it enough from my sister and Drew. But I can't help it. I love you, Shia!

- I want to be all neutral and nonchalant about Robert Pattinson so as to differentiate myself from the legions of female teenage Twilight fans out there, but damn the kid is cute. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but he sure does have presence and charisma oozing out of his pores. And that accent. Whoosh. I got a little giggly when he was up there. When are he and Kristen just going to get it on. You know they want to.

- Eminem is boring. And I hate Sacha Baron Cohen, but when he pissed of Eminem and he stormed out, I laugh my ass off. Eminem is such an asshole.

- I need to see the new Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock movie as soon as humanly possible

- The speeches by Zac Efron, Keifer Sutherland and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for Ben Stiller were effing hilarious. Especially when Zac Efron said, "Ben, you first made your mark directing the now classic "Reality Bites". I was actually 5 at the time so I don't remember it, but I wouldn't miss being up here for anything because I am a huge fan of the show "24"."

- Kristen Stewart needs better friends who she can check with before she leaves the house. The hair and the dress? Not okay.

- Reasons I love Andy Samberg:

1. He dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and sang these words while movie clips played of action heroes blowing things up and walking away in slow motion without looking back:
"Cool guys don't look at explosions.
They blow things up and then walk away.
Who's got time to watch an explosion?
There's cool guy errands that they have to walk to."

2. "She's in the upcoming "Band Slam" but I love her for starring in the brave documentary about an all gay high school. Please welcome Vanessa Hudgens."

3. He introduced a clip from "New Moon" and it was Andy dressed up as Dracula and someone else dressed up as Teen Wolf playing one-on-one. Then they cut back to him and he goes, "Alright confession time, guys. I made that."

- Holy crap! Actual "New Moon" clip! I watched it like 27 times. My review: Taylor Lautner is officially jailbait. GOOD LORD. The wolf is horribly fake. The abs are not. Give me this movie right now.

I actually liked the show this year. I fast forwarded the annoying parts (Mylie Cyrus) and rewound the awesome parts ("Star Trek" clown college clip). Plus Twilight. All in all a good time. But why was Kate Winslet nominated for "The Reader" and why was Denzel Washington there? It's not real, you guys.


Fizzgig said...

the best reason to love andy is he gave the world dick in a box.

other than that. i decided last night that I'm now officially too old for the MTV awards. I was annoyed some tweeny movie won all the awards cus the tweeny boppers are the ones who voted online incessently.

Yep. I'm old.

shine said...

But...Moses wasn't a basket case. What in hell does that mean? I mean, I know he was in a basket, but...

I contemplated watching the MTV movie awards for the first time in a decade, but thought better of it. Since I have no idea what the kids these days are watching.

And I totally don't get the allure of the Twilight thing.

citygirl said...

I think Kristen Stewart may be on her way to a Lindsey Lohan-sized melt down. She just seems...Shaky.

Lucy said...
I'm inclined to agree with Citygirl. If she's making bad choices about her hair & clothes now, it's just a matter of time before she chases an assistants mom in an SUV, while shaving her toy-dogs head, with her coochie hanging out -all while pregnant with her 3rd child.

sarahsays said...

Sarah I share all of your sentiments regarding this show. Andy's rendition of the New Moon clip was definitely the highlight.