Monday, August 03, 2009

Jolly Holiday

I need some time to finish my Krusty's post. I'll just say this: It was horrible-in opposite world. Yeah I put an opposite world joke out there. What's up, elementary school? Seriously, though, when I have trouble piecing together the day, you know it was a good time. While you are waiting, a good way to spend your time would probably be to donate to the Malachi House. I don't get too serious often on this blog because I am usually too busy being ridiculous, but I will say this and then we'll move on. Hospice is a service in which I believe very strongly. Not only does it ensure that no one dies alone, but the wonderful people at hospice take care of the difficult things-the work-so that time spent with family is quality time. Dying is scary, and hospice provides much needed comfort in the final days. /serious talk. Quick hospice related sidenote: There is a local hospice that holds a memorial service a couple times a year for alll the people that have passed since the previous memorial service. A few years ago they held the service at my church, and my organist asked me to sing. I jumped at the chance to be any part of something so important. I did not think it through, you guys, because if I had I would've remembered that I can't even get through a Hallmark commercial without having a complete breakdown. So I went to the service, sat in the front row and within 3 minutes was a complete mess. Like I literally couldn't stop the tears, and I didn't even know any of the people being honored. I somehow pulled it together to sing a couple songs then I sat down and continued on with my meltdown. The best part is that I made my sister and B (my bf at the time) come and watch me sing. At one point I looked back at them, and their faces were just frozen in horror. Awesome.

Switching gears, on Thursday we went to see Mary Poppins-the musical version. My parents had gone the night before and called us on the way home to tell us they were buying us tickets because we HAD to go. Then they actually did buy us tickets. My parents rule. Also Cleveland rules for loving and appreciating the arts like it does. I love you, Cleveland! Here is my 5 word review of Mary Poppins: holy effing eff it's amazing. Seriously if you like musical theater, you must see this. The costumes, the sets, the choreography, the effects-they were all so elaborate and perfectly done. And the talent-oh my God the talent on that stage. Plus it's fun. Really, really fun. There were a ton of kids there, and normally I would say that all that does is make me want to stay home, but all it did was make it more fun. I think Diane, Drew and I might have turned into a bunch of 7 year olds. That's certainly how I felt-well except for the fact that the State Theater was built back when the average height of a human was like 4'10". I wanted to cut off my legs at the knee just to get some leg room, but the discomfort was totally and completely worth it. "Step in Time" was so good I almost cried. On the way back to the car, Diane lamented the fact that Mary and Bert did not end up together. And Drew was like, "Come on-Mary has a Bert in every city." See how we can take the childhood innocence out of anything?

So a couple weeks ago I told you that I match my eyeshadow to my clothes which is a big no-no. Well, this girl on my team is like 24 and totally gorgeous and sweet, and she just came over and was like, "OMG your eyeshadow matches your shirt so well! It looks awesome!" Then I felt dumb and told her that I know you're not supposed to match your makeup to your clothes, but I always have. Then she goes, "Really? My mom used to be a model and they would always tell her to match her eye makeup to her clothes." I had decided this a) justifies how I wear my makeup and b) makes me a model. I told this exact thing to my girlfriends, and this is what Steph wrote back, "Let's see, if MOM was a model, and daughter is in her twenties, then her make-up expertise is roughly accurate as of 1980. So yes, if you want to be a model with a look from 30 years ago, match your make-up to your shirt." Damn you and your math/logical reasoning skills, Steph.


Chris said...

Does this mean I have to stop matching my socks to my shirt?

Johnny Virgil said...

I think from now on, you should match the left eye to your top and your right eye to your pants.