Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl 2006

The Game: A quick recap
- Tom Brady is absofrickinlutely ridiculous. My God that man is pretty. It's too bad he has nothing going for him, though. Ugly, poor, untalented, no hot girlfriend. How sad for him.
- The Seahawks didn't play great. They definitely didn't play the way I have seen them play. Still-I love you, Seahawks. U + me = 4ever
- This was honestly some of the worst officiating I have ever seen in my life.
- With no offense intended to my readers in Pittsburgh or to my fellow Miami University alum, Big Ben Roethlisberger, of whom I am very proud: I fucking hate you, Steelers. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
- Steve Young is still do-able. In a big way.

The Commercials: A quick recap
All Budweiser/Bud Light commercials were fantastic as usual. But nothing tops the Mastercard commercial with MacGyver. You can see it here. It is amazing.

Rolling Stones: A quick recap
Will these guys ever stop touring? Seriously they are going to end up playing at their own funeral. Which, incidentally, might be pretty soon judging by what I saw tonight. Looking a little ragged-that's all I'm saying. Keith Richards is a walking corpse. And I don't even think the drummer had teeth. Gerbs saw the plastic walls around him and said, "I think that's the plastic they encase him in at the museum."

Grey's Anatomy: A quick recap
Ho.Ly.Crap. So many things to absorb. Alex and Izzie. Bailey's baby. Bailey's husband. Meredith and a bomb! A bomb!!!! And I have to wait a whole week to see what happens. Stupid two-part cliffhanger. God I love this effing show.


Anonymous said...

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and was certain you had soiled your jammies as I did.

Tom Brady, ewwwww.

No really, yuck.


slcup said...

GA: oh. my. holy. crap. Are you kidding me? Damn stupid two-parter!

Eden said...

I say this as a life-long Steelers fan: you're so right (Brady, Young, MacGyver...).

I also want to add that yours is the ONLY pro-Seattle entry today that has not blamed the officiating for the loss. Also it's the only entry I've read that says "I still love my team." That says a lot :)

That was the first "Grey's Anatomy" I've managed to catch any of. Is it always so kick-ass?

russ said...

I wish they'd stapled a mullet on the ole Richard Dean Anderson, if you know what I mean.

citygirl said...

I can't believe I missed Bailey's baby and husband! Stupid local post-game show!!

Reverend Michael Joseph Schmidt said...

Tom Brady had a velvet freaking jacket on! I have an all new respect for that man. His fuzzy little head and all.
Stupid steelers.

Carly said...

you do read the blog, right??

Sassy One said...

The drummer does have teeth..they were soaking in the cup next to him. I am just amazed that there were not serious injuries...they are so old a broken hip or pelvis was quite plausible.

Sarah said...

AG, it's okay if you don't like Tom Brady. That gives me a better chance at him. :)


Eden, thanks for such a nice comment! Yes-Grey's is always that kick-ass. Please-join us, won't you? :)

Russ, I totally know what you mean. I think we all wished for it.

Citygirl, OMG I can't believe you missed it. I don't want to make you feel worse, but it was seriously amazing.

Rev, what's up!? I did not realize that jacket was velvet. There are few men I would see in a velvet jacket and say "that's hot". But he is definitely one of them.

Carly, thanks! I lost the link. I will commence reading

Sassy one, awesome. You are amazing. And did you see how after they were done performing they didn't know how to get off the stage so they just took a bow?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I was "agreeing" with your assessment of his being "ugly." I'm a married lady, I'm not allowed to publicly drool. :)~ Well I can because I'm old and chit, but not over "fugly"

Sarah said...

FANTASTIC, AG!!! This makes me so happy. We can share him. Secretly, obviously, so your husband doesn't find out.

Eileen said...

Anyone else think Mick Jagger looks like those "bog-man" corpses they dig up in England?

Sassy One said...

I think that they call that confusion an "elderly brain fart"...we can all look forward to it in our silver years I guess...tres pathetico when u are a celebrity and everyone gets to see these moments.

Carly said...

ABC is going to run the Grey's / Super Bowl episode one more time!

Thursday night 9:30-10:30 EST.

(better carry a portable tv until then in case you get stuck in your car again!!)

Those bastards... it's opposite the Office. Which I will watch, and then I'll turn to ABC to see the half of grey's that I haven't watched 5x already.