Monday, February 27, 2006

Come and knock on our door

I'm not feeling well, but I couldn't let the passing of two men who play prominent roles in my childhood memories go by without comment.

Darren McGavin, you were brilliant.

Don Knotts, you were and always will be the effing man.


John said...

sonsabitches, bumpuses! I loved both of these guys. You will be missed Mr. Furley. Nothing like a death to make it obvious that I preferred Furley to Roper. Wait Norman Fell died in 1998. I guess Mr. Roper was better, sorry Barney.

russ said...

right on.

Norman Fell was in the rat pack. Knotts was in the Apple Dumplin' Gang. Tough call.

Darren McGavin lived _just_ long enough to see a million vampire franchises strike gold inthe 90s, then someone licenses his Nightstalker franchise and it bombs (cuz they made it more CSI, less vampire). Bummer.

Nightstalker did bomb, right? It looked worse than that new Kyle Maclachlan show.

danielle said...

i'm with ya sister. rest in peace, mr. ralph furley.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I actually teared up when I found out about Don Knotts passing. I still watch The Andy Griffith show.

The Writer said...

Don't forget about "McCloud." Gotta love a cop who rides a horse around New York!
(Guess that's our three celebrity deaths, huh?)

Erik Holtan said...

Good Ol RF!

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Dammit. I didn't know Darren McGavin died - he was brilliant. He read for books on tape, all of the John D. MacDonald books. Good thing John D MacDonald is dead, because I wouldn't want to hear another actor read his books. It wouldn't be the same.