Friday, February 17, 2006


Work: Draining my will to live

Valentine's Day: So much fun. I exaggerate my bitterness toward this holiday. To be perfectly honest I've never put much stock into it as a legitimate holiday. It's nice and cute and a good way to remind us to take a minute and tell the people we love that we love them, but that's it. Besides I had like 12 Valentine dates so I'm awesome. And kind of slutty. Also I learned something on Valentine's Day: lesbians don't have it any easier. Apparently girls play the same BS games that guys do. Same shit, different sex. So that means my Plan B is pretty much shot to hell. Christy's response to this news was, "I'm not surprised. I mean I wouldn't want to date me."

Lost: I need to talk privately with some of the castaways.

Sayid, first of all you're a badass, and we all know it. But I think you need to get some counseling for your anger and grief at losing Shannon. Clearly you aren't dealing with it all that well. Secondly, I see what you're trying to do with Charlie. Why are you breaking up the group, Sayid!!!??? Not cool! Everyone's fighting and being mean to each other. I don't like what I'm seeing. We are a family goddammit! Let's act like it!

Locke, are you good or evil!? I can't tell! My money's on evil, but I'm hoping I'm wrong because I kind of heart you.

Jack, you're so hot, but why so pissy all the time? Diane says you need to get laid. I agree. And I think I am the one to help you with that. Yes-I'll take one for the team and do you on the hatch bunk bed. It's my duty.

New hot air balloon guy, I wish you weren't a liar. You might as well have a tattoo that says "I'm an Other!" on your forehead. A hot air balloon!? Please!!

Previews for the next episode: HOLY EFFING CRAP!!!!!

Next episode: Not on for like 3 weeks. WTF??

This past weekend: We went skiing at Holiday Valley. It was a blast. Especially watching Bob and Drew try to ski for the first time. They did very well for first timers. Drew fell a lot. But he made himself feel better by pushing Diane over. I hadn't skiied in 10 years so I am just now able to walk without a limp. Holy crap-what the hell muscles do you use to ski? Because obviously I haven't used them in quite some time. Here's how we spent most of our time on our big skiing weekend:

That's right. Dancing around the table in our pajamas. Right now you're wondering 2 things:

1 - Are those Christmas decorations?
2 - Is that girl doing the robot?

The answers are yes and yes. The entire town was still decorated for Christmas. Which means that basically I was in heaven. And that girl is my friend Kim, and she is wearing a Michael Jackson glove while also doing the robot so basically I was in heaven.

When we weren't dancing we were hanging out under the mosquito net:

Okay seriously owner of house we rented, a mosquito net? Is that really necessary? Diane said it creeped her out. I can't tell who that is flicking me off so I will just say eff you too, buddy.

The second night it got a little uncomfortable when Drew and Kevin went into the jacuzzi by themselves. Brokeback Hot Tub, you guys. That's all I'm saying. I don't have a picture of that because I was too busy dancing and playing air xylophone to Toto's "Africa".

One more thing I want to say. My friend Bob is normal:


russ said...

Re: Lost -- didja know that Henry Gale was the name of Dorothy's uncle in The Wizard of Oz? I caught that live... does that make me super cool or super brokeback, knowing obscure characters from a big musical? Probably the fact the I followed up watching Lost with Project Runway pushes the verdict toward the latter.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Holy crap, the picture of the snow angel guy made my unit invert itself. That must have been friggen cold.

spaceface said...

Holy crap! I am a master at air xylophone! (But I do it to Violent Femmes "Gone Daddy Gone"). I knew I liked you!

Mon said...

Um, yea. Lost. Did you know that the "numbers" heiroglyphs..said death before Locke Reset it? Or...did he reset it? hmmmmm........I have no life w/o lost.
Drunken snow angels, awesome! I've never done it scantily clad before, looks like a kickin time!!

Anonymous said...

How did that little snow angel ever convince a woman to marry him? Amazing! -Steph

danielle said...

aaron's the one giving you the bird.

Anonymous said...

I am not normal. But, if you dont start devoting more of your BLOG to me, I am going to slit your friggin throat!
Love Bob