Friday, February 24, 2006

Stuff I wanted to tell you

- Regarding Grey's Anatomy: I wanted to write something about how everyone's down on my girl Meredith, and I think it's unfair. I know she seems mopey, but it's just not that easy to get over someone you love. You want to get over it faster, but life just doesn't work that way. It might not make for good television which is maybe what the problem is (though I disagree), but it is realistic and true to life. That's why my heart just goes out to her. Also she's not just going through the thing with McDreamy. Think about the burdens placed on her by the issues with her parents. Unimaginable to me. At any rate, what I'm trying to say is read the latest post at the Grey's Anatomy blog by the writer who wrote the episode. She says what I mean so much more eloquently than I can which I guess is why she's a writer for the show, and I'm not. If I was a writer on the show the dialog would go something like this:

Alex: I totally want to make out with Okay Seriously.
McDreamy: Yeah I know. Me too. Totally.
Bailey: I will kick everyone's ass in here because I am the best character on TV.

Or something to that effect. This is just a rough draft.

- Just a quick update about my exciting personal life: you may remember I confessed to you guys (against your will) my OCD tendency to count the number of strokes under each armpit when I put on deoderant in the morning. Well, I bought a different kind since my invisible solid is anything but invisible. The new one is a clear gel, and I'm not going to lie-it scares me. It's very wet, and it makes me nervous. However, as a result of this purchase I am free from my deoderant-stroke-counting chains. Hallelujah.

- I would like to publicly praise Mufflet for participating in a fundraising event for the Easter Seals charity last week. Namely she auctioned herself off. If you think about it, what she actually did was live up to her name (Hor) by selling her body for money. And I was all for it.

I have never been to a human auction before. Mainly because it seems illegal. It was strange. You could tell there were some people there for fun and to really raise money for charity (us), and then there were the ones who were so clearly there to meet their husband or wife (Sharda. Just kidding-calm down, Sharda). And then there were the creepy old perv men who were trying to pick up hot chicks that were too young for them and presumably chop them up into little pieces and dump them in Lake Erie. I mean that's just speculation on my part, but I don't think it's too big of a leap. There were also some creepy old perv women who seemed like some seriously desperate "stage 5 clingers" (I love you, Vince Vaughn). Basically what I'm saying is you take a big risk by auctioning yourself off, and I commend Mufflet for caring so much about a worthy cause that she would essentially risk her life to help out. I'm proud of you, Mufflet, and I can't wait till you do it next year. I'm crossing my fingers you won't get a serial murderer for a date. Then again it would make a good blog post.


Liese C. Khanna said...

youre right, her dialogue is better by far
must be skill and training

I didnt know you were here
or that she was there, the writer
found you by chance and her via your link

will come back to you
not to her

to you like her show?

Mon said...

are you serious? I do 13 strokes per armpit! I thought I was a lone freak!!! I've tried stopping but I dont feel right unless i get that 13 in.

sharda said...

Obviously...Forget charity, my sole reason for going was to find myself a wife.

Gordon said...

A wife?? Damnit Sharda, we had a deal!

citygirl said...


Too bad he doesn't know he can take refuge in my eager arms. But, good thing my boyfriend doesn't know this. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Damn. I went to that GA blog hoping there'd be behind the scenes pics of McDreamy, or just behind pics.

What's wrong with me.

Matthew said...

Oh Sarah, let me explain the TRUE dilemma of the deodorant-stroke-counting. If you were really OCD, you would count the number of strokes regardless of the material of the actual deodorant. Gel, solid, spray. It all has to equal out. Thanks for trying to be part of our crazy (and sanitary club), but I am afraid that we will need to revoke your card.
By the way, I hope you enjoy when you perspire a little and that gel starts to run down your arm...

Carly said...

here's a funny recap of GA:

I love the nicknames (She-shepard, he-shepard, Dr. McSTD, etc)

russ said...
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