Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stuff and things

- Least surprising news headline ever that I meant to tell you about a month ago:

"Woman falls ill after door-to-door tattoo"

- Grey's Anatomy: I agree what Meredith did was shitty. I'm not denying that in any way. But I do wish George would at least try and be a little more understanding of everything that's going wrong in her life. I know it's hard for him, but one of the reasons I love George so much is because he usually does realize that stuff. He's usually the one who is able to say, "This isn't about me. She is really having a hard time of it right now." That's one of the things that makes him so wonderful. For now, though, she does deserve to take some crap from him because she essentially shat all over his heart. He can't be a doormat and be like, "Oh it's alright. I love you." I know that. But I'm hoping that once he's had some distance from the situation he will come to the realization that maybe she just made an awful mistake during an awful period in her life and shouldn't be persecuted forever. Because that's what George does. He forgives because he's innately good. Plus that other doctor chick is all up in his business. He should get on that. Why am I talking about this as if they are real people. This is sad, isn't it.

- Today a photographer was in here taking pictures for a CD-ROM that a department in my company is creating. They needed shots of people sitting at their desks and working on their computers. I somehow got roped into getting my picture taken. I didn't even do my hair today. It was still wet in fact. Isn't that gross-girls who still have wet hair when they get to work? Well get over it, people! Sometimes I am tired in the morning and don't want to do it! You're lucky I even make time to shower. Wait tell me again why I'm not moving up the company ladder faster? Anyway they made me take out a red manilla folder and pretend like I was enthralled with what was happening inside of it. Turns out there weren't any Salt & Vinegar Pringles inside of it so I was decidedly not enthralled. I was instant messaging Mufflet the whole time this was happening, and she told me to leave the message window up then she wrote this: "WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GIANT PORN STAR YOU BIG HOOKER". Dammit I love the Mufflet. I thought my first "photo shoot" was going well until the photographer actually had to say the sentence, "Can you move the Arby's Oven Mitt?" Sorry I'm such an a-hole, Mom and Dad.

- Special note to those who were with me on Saturday night and witnessed Jace and I dancing to "U Can't Touch This": Please be my friend still.


Gordon said...

Okay, I was there Saturday, and I don't remember U Can't Touch This, or the dancing. What the hell was I doing???

Anonymous said...

That's ok, Gordo...I was there Saturday and I remember the dancing...but I don't remember the Jace...he was there??? -Steph

slcup said...

Finally! I've been waiting for you take on GA all week. I'm really glad you and I are pretty much on the same side on this issue...and it's OK to talk about them as if they're real people. I had an argument with a friend over it because he took George's side and called Meredith a total bitch. They're as real as the "Friends" are/were. Do I need therapy?

Violet said...

When I first moved to Chicago, my ex told me if I left the house with wet hair, it would freeze and break off and I'd be bald so I'm scared to death to do that unless it's summer. But I do wear white sneakers around the office all day with my otherwise somewhat professional outfits.

Matt said...

I say good for George for taking his life in his own hands. He'll forgive her eventually anyways.

Gordon - you don't even remember that I was at the bar, specifics of dancing is way more than you can ask for from that night.