Friday, March 31, 2006

I just received this email from Steph

My theory on the Office: I think every guy sees himself as Jim, and every girl wants to find a Jim. But not every guy really is Jim, and not every girl really wants that nice guy, otherwise a whole lot more people would be getting some loving.


Tom said...

I'm Jim.

Also, I think every single guy sees himself as Jim.

Older guys who are married and fat see themselves as the black guy...Harry? I forget his name. Man, I love that guy.

russ said...

Jim's a little too nice, if he were real. He makes up for it with a team of writers making his understated humor really good, but in the real world you've got to spice it up with a n opinion or interest that's a little out there.

Remember when Ryan said that he doubted Jim would be going anywhere at all on vacation, because he's been working at the same place for 5 years and brings the same sandwich to work everyday?

Still, Jim is the man.

Other Brother said...

I really really really hope Jim and Pam make out or something this season. The tension is too much for me.
and the black guy is Stanley, father of two, who is actually married to a white woman.

Tom said...

Right, Stanley. I thought it was an "-ey" name. I was going to say Rodney.

I love that Stanley guy. He's great. Well, I love the whole bunch of them, except whatshisface the warehouse fiance guy. What's the over-under before we find out he's been cheating on Pam?

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I think your friend Steph is definitely on to something there. I want a Jim. Unfortunately, I don't know any Jim's.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I used to be Jim. And I know a guy who is the Steve Corell character. I bet you all watch the show and say, "Nobody could be that wack." but yeah, he is. And after the skin cancer episode I said, "Somebody else knows him and has stolen his character!" because it's that friggin similar.

Oh, that girl. said...

I want to be pam. I want to be able to tell my boss what an ass he is without really saying "your an ass". I want a boss like that. It would be much easier. And I love the "The more you know" commericals they run. Effing Love them