Thursday, March 16, 2006

Singing in the rage

This morning's road rage as I sung it to The Fray's "Over My Head (Cable Car)":

(If you want to listen to the song go here and click on Over My Head (Cable Car) under Video. Either way, this is only funny to me. And maybe John because he sings his road rage, too.)

Holy shit
Kia Spectra I will punch you in the face
I did not know Kias couldn't go more than 20
Just kidding I did know that if you want the truth

But that's not the point
I think I'm actually moving backwards
Thank God I'm getting on the highway
Oh look this Ford Escape is taking your place

And everyone knows I'll punch you in the head, in the head
It's 8 seconds till I flip my lid
Did I just say I'll

Let's rearrange
You'll move over and I'll go ahead of you
Just say that you agree and then change lanes
Why aren't you moving I thought we had a deal?

You just disregard
I thought we were friends then you discard
Well then I'm gonna have to ram you with my car
Hanging above as the canyon comes between [ed. note: sometimes it's hard to come up with different lyrics on the spot, people]

And everyone knows I'll punch you in the head, in the head
It's 8 minutes till I have to be at work
I'm gonna lose my mind, gonna lose my mind
And everyone knows I'm always late to work, late to work
In 8 seconds the next lane will open up
And I will pass on the right, I will pass...oh...

And suddenly I become part of your past
I'm becoming the part that blows by you
I'm passing you and it's effortless

Without a sound
I realize I'm almost downtown
That this is the farthest I've gone without slowing down
We can't let this slow down or we'll torture ourselves

And everyone knows they need to just keep moving, just keep moving
In 8 seconds I'll be off the highway
Don't let it die, don't let...the magic...die

Everyone please
Don't let it die
Everyone knows I'm almost at work, I'm almost at work, I'm almost there

Everyone, I love you all very much except that guy over there
In 8 seconds I'll be at work
And I'm on time, and I'm...on...tiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, that girl. said...

I am seriously impressed! Your dedication to your job is amazing. Want to make out?

Jen said...

Hi! Um. Long time reader, first time poster? That's lame. Anyway, thought you might like to see your
archenemy get his, finally!

John said...

this is amazing but I can't lie, I'm more excited to see this year's ode to the NCAA tourney and the high seed team that effs you.
I'm going to listen to the song and read along now. That will undoubtedly make me need new pants.

Violet said...

That was awesome!

And I agree about the Ode to the NCAA!

Kukka-Maria said...

Just when I think you're as brilliant as one can ever do something like this!

I enjoyed listening to the song as I read your lyrics. Nicely done!