Thursday, March 30, 2006

Arts and crafts: Part 3

Since St. Patrick's Day is over, it was time to change the holiday tree so that's what we did on Tuesday. This time it's the Easter tree, and it is by far our worst effort. I mean there aren't even any penises on it. I guess having penises on a tree for the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ would kind of be in poor taste-even for us. So we stuck with what the season is really about: eggs. Diane and I didn't bother to do anything but shove some plastic eggs on the tree and color pictures with crayon and marker and then hang those up. Luckily Steph bought some cute ribbon to hang on the tree. Unluckily it was like 2 feet long and went around the tree twice. Sharda, as usual, was the biggest slacker creating an entire bonnet out of construction paper. What? Sharda, seriously-stop being so damn creative all the time. Check out this piece:

As you can see Steph bought a new giant red chair that took up a good chunk of decorating space. There used to be a recliner there, but the girls decided to redecorate a little bit and put it here:

Right in front of the front door.

What actually happened is that Steph, who is roughly 5'1"-ish, decided she would move the recliner herself to make room for her new chair. She got it down to the bottom of the stairs, and it got stuck. So she just left it there. Naturally. Seriously, Steph/Diane/Kim, how come nothing is ever normal at your apartment?

Hey-you know what's pretty appealing? The shit that falls out of a recliner that's been sitting in the same place for 4 years at an apartment whose sole purpose is essentially housing every crazy party that has occurred since 2000. Besides like $40 in change and a remote, everything else was...well quite frankly it made me dry heave so let's not go back to that dark place, mkay?

We ended the evening with Steph telling us all about this show she watched called "Blow Job". At first I was like, "Okay-listen I love you girls, but we don't need to share all our secrets. I mean if you want to watch porn that's your own thing, but we don't need to discuss it." Turns out she was talking about the show "Blow Out" which is a decidedly different kind of show having to do with a male hairdresser who, if I had to guess, probably watches shows called "Blow Job".

P.S. A special message to my boys going to the NASCAR race this weekend: please be careful, be smart, have an absolute blast, come back to us safe, take pictures and take a shower when you get back before you see me. Three days in a tent with 10 guys = a rankness that will make your eyes water.

P.P.S. Um...did you guys watch "Lost" last night? Three words: Ho. Ly. Shit.


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

We did that once, we called it the "recliner ride" and rode in the chair down the stairs.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. Every guy in America reads your blog.

Mon said...

Jonathon isn't gay, he's married with a kid on the way! Although, he does act, like he might be.....still, awesome show! Love it! The tree is still cute!
LOST. Um, there aren't words for the episode. I've spent hours on the msg boards looking for someone to blow up that image that was on the door. It has to be the key to everything!! Some schmuck will do it too!

Sarah said...

Mon, this was sent to me this morning:

To other people: Don't click on that if you haven't seen the episode.

Tom said...

LOST SPOILERS for those of you who still haven't bought the first season on dvd and downloaded all the season two episodes from iTunes COVER YOUR EYES! and don't give me any of that "I'm not going to watch it" crap because Lost rocks and Sarah will probably beat you up.


Dude. Seriously. Dude.

How badass is Sayid digging up graves and whatnot?



Way to be all avoiding the issue writers of the show! Jerks.

And nevermind that we haven't seen Michael in like A YEAR AND A HALF!

Or that Jack won't tell anyone about his INK.

dude, don't get me started.
ps I heard a rumor that there is an essay floating around online outlining a theory that explains everything, including the black smoke, Locke's legs, the numbers, well, everything.

I haven't read it because I hate spoilers.


slcup said...

Can we still be friends even though I've never seen Lost?

Gordon said...

SLC, we can still be friends, b/c I don't watch that show either. I actually get most of my entertainment from it though from listening to everyone complain about how nothing ever happens.

russ said...

It's tough dodging the Lost info... damn my Tivo.

I'm digging the stairchair.

I know you were curious: Velvet Underground, "I'm waiting for my man". Still the same station. Gawd bless satellite radio.

unique_stephen said...

your chair reminds me of a few passares in this book

russ said...

Saw Lost. A return to greatness, fer sure. Locke regained some coolness, Jack and Sawyer tension, more information that makes me crawl the net and creates more questions than answers. Suh-weet!

Matthew said...

what a sad sad tree. i was hoping for something amazingly amazing. granted, your easter tree is far superior to my non-existant holiday tree, but we aren't talking about me here.

so yeah, let's just say that for mothers day/memorial day, i expect a lot better.