Sunday, March 26, 2006

Birthday Bonanza

Saturday was my little sister's 27th birthday. She's younger than me, but everyone always thinks she is older-probably because she's taller and blonder and has tons of wrinkles. Okay that last part's not true. I was just trying to make myself feel better. I thought I would put up some pictures of when I was actually taller than her.

Here we are in our pink sweatsuits. We still try to buy matching sweatsuits and wear them at the same time whenever possible. We don't want anyone to forget we're sisters. In this pic we are in a boy's bedroom on his bed so this is proof that we were slutty even as little kids. Incidentally, Diane held her face like that for too long, and now it's permanently stuck like that.

Here we are in front of our old house. Look how cute she is. You can kind of see here how her jaw and therefore smile was a little lopsided. It was the cutest thing ever. It also led to years and years and thousands of dollars of orthodontic work. As my mom said, "A lopsided jaw isn't as cute when you're 30." The other day when I pulled this picture out of the album and showed my mom she said, "How high are your pants?" I tried to blame her for it since I was only a little kid, but she said that at that age I was dressing myself. I still think there's a way I can pin this on her. I mean didn't she check me before I left the house? You might be wondering about the hats. So am I. I have no idea where these came from. I found their website. I don't understand one goddamn word on it. So I'm thinking either we bought one of their products or my dad knew a guy that worked for them, and the guy gave us hats because he thought we were cute or because he felt bad for me because I was clearly destined to be a loser with my pants pulled up that high.

Here's a pic of D at her party this past Saturday. Nice turtleneck-vest combo. You gotta love my 1970's baby clothes hand-me-downs. Look how friggin' cute she is. So annoying. She's still cute. It's still annoying. But I still hope she had an awesome birthday because she is the best sister in the world (note: in this case "best" means "best and most annoying").


P.S. Happy Birthday, Squirt!!!


Amy said...

Hey, don't knock the bowl cut! I had one just like it--except that my mom actually took the time to curl it under with a curling iron every single day before school...and by morning recess (partly thanks to my cowlick), I once again looked like I had just climbed out of bed. I'm considering getting my hair cut and styled like that just before the wedding...

Diane said...

Hey...thanks for putting up those hot pictures! I definitely blame mom and dad for everything wrong in those pictures (ie..clothes, hats, hair). Thanks for a fun birthday and the nice words :)

Amy- you should totally do it. I'll do it too. Your wedding pictures will be awesome!

Anonymous said...

as someone that lives with your sister and gets to watch her eating habits, it's amazing that she still licks beaters and covers her face in batter just like that picture. 27 years and you would think she would have learned by now...-Steph