Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random thoughts for today

-You know what makes sense? When pigeons are scared they run instead of fly. I'm just saying that seems like a good idea. I know if I had a jet pack I would probably never use it especially when I was scared for my life. Stupid pigeons.

- Lost, despite the awesome Claire episode a few weeks ago, I was pretty peeved at you. You seem to only have a new episode like once every other month. So I was expecting a lot from you last night, and I will admit I went into it with a bad attitude. Then 15 minutes into it BAM – Naked Jack coming out of the shower!! Hell yeah, Lost!! We are so friends again!! By the way, the previews for next week gave me goosebumps. Please tell me what is going to happen, and please tell me it involves more Jack in the shower. I know you think it might not be important to the progression of the storyline, but you're wrong.

- Scott has a post about ketchup today (amongst other things), and in it he says, "the only brand of ketchup is Heinz. If you serve something else throw it out - your friends hate you." I would just like to say a couple things about this. 1 - he went to a conference in Florida and brought me back a souvenir, and it was a little bottle of Heinz ketchup. Best. Souvenir. Ever. 2 - if you buy Hunt's you are a nazi.

- Is it just me or has Antonio Banderas had some work done?


Mon said...

Now, don't be too jealous...but I visited the Heinz factory in Leamington Ontario on a work trip. It's like the tomato capital of the world, and they have a festival! The ketchup there tasted different. It's sweeter. Those Canadians get everything. It's only a 4 hour trip!

russ said...

Ketchup... sweeter?! I call catsup "sugar sauce". Why not just put some karo syrup on your burger?

There is no ketchup in my house (well there wasn't until the most recent roommate moved in).

Ketchup makes your food taste like... catsup. Yum. Why eat anything at all? Get a bowl of ketchup. Get a spoon. Dig in.

While I can tolerate (and even occasionally indulge) in a bit of ketchup with fries or a burger if it's around, catsup should never, ever, be near a breakfast table.


russ said...

BTW pigeons are flying rats... unless they're not flying.

I haven't watched the Lost now, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll go make some popcorn when Charlie, err, I mean Jack comes outta the shower. BTW, isn't it time for Kate to ablute again? I don't know that Clair has washed her dirty self yet...

I did see a Lost-inspired (and endorsed) novel at a store yesterday. A novel. Based on the show... it's like reading Star Wars novels or something, it strikes me as crazy nerdy to get that. But I did think about it.

russ said...

I just got bored and followed the link to Scott's blog... I want to note that I did not use "catsup" to antagonize the man, I had no idea he had issues. I'll be pretty happy if it does antagonize, tho.

I think this is now officially my blog. Bwahahaha. Ha. ha. Hmm. Maybe I should go do sumtin.

Anyone wanna go watch LSU beat Duke to keep my crappy bracket barely breathing tonight? 7pm, Happy Dog.

Eileen said...

I don't think Antonio has had anything done- I imagine the Botox is just rubbing off Melanie onto him.

midwestgrrl said...

I have been known to scream at pigeons in the street because of that. WTF?????? FLY!!!