Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's still March and I'm still mad

Here it is: the unprecedented same year second entry into the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Poetry Hall of Fame.

"Oh don't mind me, UConn, I'm only trying to win some freakin' money here" by Okay Seriously

Oh I'm sorry, Uconn.
Didn't mean to cause you strife.
I guess I hadn't realized
My back got in the way of your knife.

I seriously want to kill you
And take George Mason down as well.
I'll push you over a cliff
But I'll tell police you fell.

Thanks to you and Villanova
My bracket now makes me sick.
The only person lower than me
Is someone who didn't pick.

This tournament was filled
With disaster and mishap
You guys lost your shit
And I got totally bitchslapped.


slcup said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

russ said...

That last stanza could use some work...

My bracket turned into poo when those two lost, too.*

*How's that for some internal rhyme? My CAPTCHA, btw, is mcayepow, which I read as "MC iPow!!". That's my new rap name.

PS Sirius is playing Caterpillar by the Cure... what an awesome song. Just thought you should know.

Sarah said...

Dammit, Russ - critiquing my poem! The "bitchslapped" had to get in there because that's how I feel-bitchslapped. First by UConn, now by MC iPow. The sad thing is I have a chance at winning my family pool because both my parents picked Ohio State to win it. What!?

Please update me every hour on which song you are listening to. Thanks.

Other Brother said...

I have mixed emotions about the kids from George Mason. One side of me loves the underdog, while the other side is seriously effin' pissed about losing 10 bucks.
Not that I would have won anyway. I had Texas going to the elite 8 and Duke winning it all.
next year I'm just going to throw darts at a bracket.

russ said...

Still listening to Left of Center on Sirius, currently playing Cemetary Row by The Minus 5, with the dude fromthe Decembrist singing. I heard The Minus 5 have Peter Buck in there... which means I should be interested since I used to be all super-REM-guy and I even bought the Hindu Love Gods CD in high school, which was actually worth it just for their cover of Rasberry Beret. But I'm kind of over REM, new stuff at least... Sirius is playing the hell out of the charity single from Michael Stipe for the Katrina victims and it's decidedly average.

Haha! Once again your blog has been russ-jacked!

CAPTCHA: yjyywag (pronounced W"hy Jay? Why, why wag?")

russ said...

O, and Other Brother, try throwing darts at the offending teams, it might be more motivational for them. Right now those Uconn bums have no worries, they're still NBA-bound. A missing eye and some tetinus will show them!