Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poodleballing and skunking

What's up bitches!!! We got Gordo, Danielle and me blogging at you on location from Sharda's pad out in the OF. So what's going on? I have champagne. Gordo has rum and coke. And he is the only guy here with 12 girls. Total sausage fest except not. there are all these girls and no action for gordo.

Danielle says "I fucking loves you guys, man". Oh really hor because you never update your effing blog hor.

Sharda wants to be mentioned but she has nothing to say. You're ruining my blog, Sharda.

Gordo's message is as follows: "I have a coke can. Lick my balls." That one's for you ladies out there.

I think we should all rock the cradle of love. I start with you, Billy Idol. Let's rock it. Sharda's party is fun except when she spellchecks my shit. The NASCAR people are hereby not invited to her next party except Bob because he has a sweet ass. don't read this, Carrie. Sharda just spilled.

Gotta go--Step by Step is on. NKOTB forever hors!!!!!


Rebecca said...

Love the drunk post, Sarah! LOL!!!

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

Whatever you guys are drinking please send some my way! :-)

russ said...

The OF?

russ said...

O, and poodleballing?

John said...

Gordo + 12 Chicks = 13 Chicks

Sarah said...

Russ, OF = Olmsted Falls and we don't know what poodleballing is. They said it on Will and Grace, and we looked it up, but I don't think it's a real thing. We wish it was, though.