Thursday, April 20, 2006

While we're waiting...

I need to get my pictures organized from the final holiday tree decorating extravaganza so until I do, here are some crazy church sayings on the sign at the church by my house:

"Sign broken. Message inside."

"Where will you be sitting in eternity? Smoking or non-smoking?"



Mon said...

Sometimes those church signs freak me out. Can you see the people all meeting about what they can put on the sign next week? How about if we scare the shit out of people and tell them they will burn in hell? No, let's call it smoking and non smoking! Brilliant!

Eileen said...

There is a billboard on the highway near here that says "If you don't slow down- I'll look forward to meeting you." God

I hate that sign. I would really hope that a superior being would rise above snarky and sarcasm.

Scott said...

Now, if you're a smoker, and I mean one of those people that really can't go two hours without a cigarette, don't you think eternity in "non-smoking" would scare the crap out of you?