Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some randomness for today

For those of you wondering about John's miracle orange-peeling technique, you can find it here.

Dear Astrocenter, This: "If you've been studying astrology, numerology, or any other occult science, Sarah, today you might find some of the concepts you're studying a bit confusing. It could be that you've glossed over some of the ideas that are prerequisites to what you're looking at now. Go back and review last week's lesson, and then everything might make more sense to you. You'll probably progress that much faster for doing this." is not a horoscope. Thanks.

I would like to announce that with the assistance of Woody's DVDs, I have officially jumped on the "24" bandwagon. And I've never been so happy to have drunk the Kool-aid. Everyone who says this show isn't awesome is wrong. I just finished Season 1, and I just want to say that Nina is a fucking whore.

In case you are wondering how I have time to watch an entire season of "24" in less than 2 weeks, it's because NONE OF MY EFFING SHOWS ARE ON! WTF Grey's, Lost and The Office? Thanks for leaving me hanging. I better see some Alex/Izzie, Meredith/Derek, Meredith/Chris O'Donnell, naked Jack and Jim and Pam action soon or heads are gonna roll.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter-if you celebrate Easter. If not, I hope you had a nice Sunday, April 16th. Mine was really nice except for when we walked into the restaurant to eat and a giant bunny mascot was standing in the doorway waiting to murder me. Sure to the untrained eye it just looked like he was waving, but I know better. I had to take evasive measures (hide behind my dad) and luckily was able to get away. Nice try, killer bunny! Better luck next year! If you guys think I'm being paranoid, just have a look at this.

Holy shit, you guys. What in the sam hell is up with Charlie Sheen?!? He's like some kind of raving psychotic asshole junkie lunatic man! Seriously what is wrong with him? Damn, Charlie, you've fallen pretty low since "Major League". I mean even lower than "Men at Work". Except I do enjoy your show. It's funny and Duckie is on it. And also I am going to marry your brother Emilio. But other than that, we will have no contact. Seriously you guys have to read that whole thing. It's insane. Denise Richards is extremely not smart, but I do hope she and her kids are able to move on with their lives without this total whack-job.

This seems like money and time well spent.


sharda said...

Charlie Sheen was asked about the Denise Richards/Richie Sambora romance and this is what he said "Those two give love a bad name".

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

"Men At Work" isn't so bad. Just make sure you're totally blasted when you see it.

Oh, that girl. said...

Thank you for finally acknowleging that Greys Anatomy is killing us all with the nothingness. Seriously? Seriously. Smooches from the pooches

russ said...

Men At Work and Major League are two films at the acme of cinematic splendor. Or damn good B-movie watchin', at least.

Mon said...

I have a natural aversion to 24 too. I dunno why. I also had one against House, but now I like that show!! I'm still not giving 24 a chance. nah nah!