Monday, July 16, 2007

Damn you, Target, you evil temptress

Things I bought at Target after drinking (or The reason I have no money):
- Earrings
- Red purse
- 100 calorie packs of Cool Ranch Doritos
- 100 calorie packs of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk cookies
- Welch's fruit snacks
- Hope Floats DVD
- Hoosiers DVD
- Uncle Buck DVD
- Muppets From Space DVD
- Diet Coke
- 2 wine cubes
- ShopSmart magazine
- Brita water filtration system
- 9 volt batteries

Things I went to Target for (which I didn't remember until I got home):
- Sprinkler


Alan the Great said...

...Muppets from Space?

Carly said...

Muppets are awesome...but, Shop smart magazine??? Too funny

russ said...

A classic drinking faux pas: beer before liquor -- never sicker, and only slightly less well-known is to never go sprinkler shopping after drinking.

Sarah said...

ATG, I know you didn't just diss Muppets From Space.

Carly, I KNOW! Ironic, right? I have never even heard of that magazine, but the pretty lady on the front of it looked so together, and when I saw it I just felt like I HAD to be her. I had to.

Russ, if only I had known sooner.

Skeezix said...

I like that you had the forethought while drunk to purchase additional alcohol for future drinking.

Lollie said...

Long time reader, 1st (or 2nd?) time commenter. We have a Super Target going in down the street. It is to be accompanied by a Total Wine Superstore...I foresee trouble.

Sarah said...

Lollie, where do you live-heaven???

urban princess said...

You've just described nearly every shopping trip to Target I've ever taken.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

100 cal packs / sugar fruit snacks

Diet coke / Hundreds of calories in wine

Shopsmart / well, I think we see a pattern

I think you have multiple personalities.

BUT!! They do make for a funny post.

Sassy Blondie said...

Super Target is a forced to be reckoned with! I can never seem to go in there without spending at least $100...and then I get home wondering why I bought the shit I bought! I feel your pain, Sarah!

Torrence said...

Woah woah woah. You mean to tell me your Target has WINE?! Clearly I am living in the wrong area. Let me tell you, if my Target even had wine coolers, I would get a job there to support my misc. shopping/wine habit.

p.s. I went to Target the other day for socks, and 50 dollars later I was the proud owner of everythingbutfrigginsocks.

CruiserMel said...

It happens every time. Target. WalMart. CVS. They are all evil. And I love 'em!

urban princess said...

The "problem" with those places is that every time I go there, I find new things I didn't know I couldn't live without. It's a conspiracy.

Diane said...

My concern is why didn't you already own Muppet's from space on dvd?

Mon said...

shut up! Pepperidge farms has 100 calorie packs? I thought keebler fudge stripes were clearly the best thing available! Awesome!

Target is good at making you forget why you came. They have the best buyers in the universe.

Sarah said...

UP, how did I guess we were Target soulmates.

Lindystar, I am a study in contradictions. Also I don't eat fruit snacks or Doritos so figure that one out.

Sassy B, this morning I walked downstairs, and everything I bought is sprawled out on my living room floor, and I was like, "Good Lord what the hell happened here?"

Tor, yes! Not only a whole wine section, but they sell their own wine cubes. You can either buy the cube of wine that has its own tap or the cube that is made up of 4 juice boxes of wine. Seriously. It's amazing.

CruiserMel, I cannot be trusted at discount retailers.

D, I knew you would be disappointed in me. I had Muppets From Space on VHS-obviously-but then I saw it at Target for $5.99, and I was like, "Let's do this." You, me and Sharda need to have a Muppets From Space viewing party.

Mon, they had 3 different kinds of PF cookies in 100 calories packs. AWESOME! Oh and the Fudge Strips are absolutely my favorite.

a said...

I should state where I live in Des Moines, EVERY Target sells wine and almost every Target is a Super Target. (I can only think of 2 in town that aren't and they're connected to the mall.) I live 7 blocks from one. It's dangerous!! You go in for groceries and come out with a slip-n-slide and croquet set yet forget milk!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Not fair. I live in the freaking BIRTHPLACE of Target, and they don't sell wine in them.
Usually my drunken purchases consist of things like 4-inch green snakeskin Jessica Simpson peeptoe pumps from Nordstroms at the Mall of America after 3 or 4 martinis at one of the restaurants. Then, the next day, a return trip to the MOA to bring the ridiculous shoes back.
It's my own special "walk of shame".

sharda said...

I was totally wondering the same thing as diane. Muppets From Space is a must-have.

If you build a jacuzzi, they will come.

Lollie said...

Wait! I feel like I've totally misled everyone. I would die for a Target with wine in the store, but sadly the Total Wine is to be across the parking lot. I'll actually have to walk 17 steps, unload my Target loot and then walk another 17 steps to get my drink on. Pah - a little exercise never hurt anyone...

Anonymous said...

What were the batteries for?