Thursday, July 26, 2007

Haps on the craps

Hey, does anyone know what's going on with Lindsay Lohan? I haven't heard much about her lately.

Some things are happening in the blog world of which I must inform you*.

1. They now block Blogger at my work. W. T. F. This has really put a cramp in my slacking routine. Not to mention I won't be able to get to everyone's sites and click refresh over and over until you guys post stuff seriously why does it take you so long to post stuff I am dying here?!?! Whoa-what just happened. I think I blacked out. Anywho, if you see me a little less frequently on your blogs it's not because I moved back to Baltimore (what's up, 3 year old joke)-it's just because my company hates me. I still love you. By the way those of you who joined my blog late and haven't gone back to the beginning to read every word that pours out of me (why haven' t you?) probably won't get the Baltimore joke. Just go read my first post ever, and it will make sense. Also you'll realize it's not a funny joke. It's just sad because it's 3 years later, and I'm still making jokes about it to cover up the pain**.

2. Steph, my muse, has started a blog. This totally counteracts the suckiness listed in number 1 above. 'But Sarah', I'm pretending that you're saying, 'what does this mean for your blog since the majority of your material comes from her shenanigans?' Not to worry, my Internet friends. First of all, I can pretty much guarantee this blog of hers will be short-lived. Steph tends to get bored easily and will most likely move on to another project. Now that I said that, though, maybe she won't-a la the vegetarian scandal. Maybe now that I've called her out she will want to prove me wrong. And that is fine by me because it means more Steph on the web. Secondly, there is no way Steph's going to tell you the drunk stories so you will still have to come here to get the good stuff. Also you can only find pictures of my new haircut here***:

Some more things:

Lindyhor, to answer your question about John, as Russ said, he is both sweet and creepy. Right after he brought me the water, he asked how I was doing, and I said that I was okay and that the air mattress was comfortable. Then he was like, "Why don't I try that out?" and attempted to get into bed next to me.

Please read Hot Vendor Guy's take on his time spent in Cleveland.

Best line ever on "Best Week Ever" re: Harry Potter spoilers on the Internet: "I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but if finding out the ending to a Harry Potter novel is going to radically change your life, maybe that's a change worth making." - Christian Finnegan (my new boyfriend).

*Is this correct grammar? It sounds like I'm British.
**Family and friends, this really was a joke. There is no pain. I am okay. Where's the vodka.
***You can also find this picture at the site I stole it from.


Anonymous said...

Was this a blowtorch induced haircut?

@Lohan: Apparently more naked pictures stolen from laptop. Unfortunately, haven't had time for further research.

Skeezix said...

Lohan is one big, hot mess. Her new defense is that she was wearing someone elses pants. Which is awesome to consider because it begs the question 'In what world do you put on someone else's pants and then hop in SUV after drinking to chase your personal assistant?' Because that world is pretty damn cool and I'd like to visit.

Boo to your work on blocking blogger. What little bitches.

I adore Christian Finnegan.

Carly said...

Try google reader. Seriously.

Sassy Blondie said...

Sarah, I've been on vacation, but I just KNOW they will have blocked blogger at my work too. I feel your pain...AND we have to wait until effin January for Lost!

urban princess said...

LL's mugshot is effing awesome. She's looks totally messed up - love it, but not as much as your new haircut.

Christian Finnegan is on my top five. Is that weird?

PS: "My Boys" starts next week, btw.

CruiserMel said...

Nice eye shadow. Are you going to be a Solid Gold dancer now? Aiyeeee.

Torrence said...

What kind of world is this where Blogger is blocked in the workplace, THAT'S WHERE I DO MY BEST WORK!

Bullshit Sarah, bullshit.

p.s. read my joint, Puck returned!

Mon said...

blocking blogger? Great,that must be the next great conspiracy coming down the line at my work. Keep that on the DL will ya?

VerbalD said...

To second the suggestion from carly, use google reader. take everyone in your cache of blogs you read, go to google, click "more" in the upper left corner (towards the middle), and add those cites to your "reader"...

this way, you can read whatever you want, it won't be blocked by your work, and, your history won't be saved in your internet browser. Also, it allows you to cyber stalk people w/out them knowing you're following them... your visits don't show up on sitemeter or statcounter

Happy Schmappy said...

Wooo, love the new hair! So feminine!

I also love the train wreck named Lindsay Lohan! Between her and Paula Abdul's reality show I feel so good about my life!

Sarah said...

ATG, let's just say if the cops were around when I created this hairstyle, they might have found coke in my pants. By that I mean Coca-Cola.

Skeezix, seriously i feel like I'm watching Anna Nicole all over again. There's no way this chick's gonna make it to 25, right?

Carly, omg. I will totally try that!

Sassy Blondie, February, Sassy. February! How do they expect me to wait that long??

SLCUPS, totally not weird for Christian to be in your top 5. He is amazing. Also, I'm so excited for My Boys.

Cruisermel, that depends-is it a requirement that you actually know how to dance?

Tor, I'm so disgusted/horrified/intrigued by Puck. What planet is he on?

Mon, it sucks. So so bad.

VerbalD, thanks so much for the advice. I also like how at the end you come off a little creepy and stalkerish yet make no apologies about it. You're my kinda chick. Just kidding-I know you're not a stalker. I mean I'm watching you right now, and you're not stalking anyone.

Happy, the amount of effed-up-ness between those 2 women is hard to measure. Except for how much better it makes you feel about your own life. Awesome.

Skeezix said...

Oh, Paula is a good one. Bitch is off her rocker. I've been watching the clips on youtube and thanking my lucky stars I'm not her.

Amanda the Couch said...

i know that picture isn't really of you. its missing your trademark red lipstick. you tricker you.

VerbalD said...

i swear, if i could make a living cyber stalking....

Nessa said...

I like the looks of your new boyfriend. Besides, you (and everyone else) has already seen his O Face thanks to his "how I really lost the weight" video...