Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some things

1. I just heard a shitty, slow, chick remake of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle", and I wanted to kill someone. I think I inadvertently gave the cashier girl a dirty look because in a way I blame her for listening a to radio station that would play such blasphemy.

2. I just noticed that the blouse I'm wearing does not match my pants at all. It has brown stripes. My pants are black. Horrible.

3. My dad is volunteering to assist in running a booth at our town's Home Days carnival so we are helping him when we can. We went last night, and basically all we do is take money and throw darts at little kids. Wait I mean we collect the money and then the little kids throw darts at balloons on the wall to win a shitty little prize. People who play fair games are dumb. Seriously fair games couldn't be a bigger scam. I'm sure that's not news to anyone, but holy crap now that I've witnessed it firsthand, I can't believe just how scamalicious they are. Our carnie who was running the game told us that the important thing is to not feel bad for the people playing the game. Oh okay, carnie. You're right-eff that ridiculously cute 3 year old with the giant glasses and eyes who just wants a little stuffed Spiderman. I almost wanted to go home and take a shower to wash the ick off of me, but the money is going to a good cause so I didn't. My 73 day streak of not showering remains intact.

This thing tried to kill me at the carnival:

I love you, Chik-fil-A, but get your creepy cow out of my face.


Sassy Blondie said...

So you cheated little kids out of their money with the lure of a stuffed Spidey AND were molested by the Chik-fil-A cow? that's what I call a LIFE!

If anyone looks at you funny due to your wardrobe, just act all avant gard like you're starting a new trend. lol

russ said...

You seem to be having a bad day, especially if Frente can't even dig you out. That song rox.

spaceface01 said...

I actually own that CD...I am also not ashamed...(although, I have to agree with you on the badness of that song...BADNESS...yes, that's what I said...)

Lollie said...

"my confusion grows" no shit - the whole point to Bizarre Love Triangle was the rockin' 80s back beat. Who's the douche in the video walking circles around her with an acoustic guitar?!

Mon said...

hmmm...dont feel bad for the people. Thats nice to remember when all the kid wants is a NKOTB mirror with their picture etched in it, and you have spent $20 bucks trying to knock cans down. And they keep on " one more try, I'll give you 2 more balls this time"

You might notice. I'm not quite over it yet.

Diane said...

Sarah- a trick I learned after you left last night. Anytime the carny guy has to leave for a bathroom break, give bigger prizes out. I felt better about the whole situation.

Skeezix said...

I might let the Chik-fil-a cow molest me if he promised me unlimited chicken nuggets. Those things are freaking addicting.

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Whiskeymarie said...

* Remakes of perfectly good songs suck. If it ain't broke...
* Matching is overrated. Tomorrow wear black. brown and orange together. Just because you can.
* Does anyone really believe that the carnie games AREN'T rigged?
* People dressed as large animals scare me.

russ said...

There are a very few number of covers of good songs that exceed the original. And it's usually some major change in the song that makes it better. Cowboy Junkies covering the already amazing Sweet Jane is one. Doves covering Mad World (which was ok but not great) is great.

And that Frente's song is decent, dammit.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Ok it's the 24th, did you have a killer weekend??? Or did that cow come after you? Just wonderin.

Dina D'Alessandro said...

I keep checking to see if you'll blog about HBO's "the Flight of the Conchords" ( That show's way better than re-runs of "Roseanne" and makes me snort out loud every time I watch it, but something tells me reading recaps about it on your blog will make me laugh even harder.

Of course, if you hate it, then pretend I wasn't here.