Monday, November 21, 2005

Holy same day hangover, Batman

At the end of every football season I decide I'm going to stop tailgating for Browns games because I end up feeling sick at night and then being completely unproductive at work on Monday. Then every year when it's time to buy tickets I say, "Hell yeah sign me up, bitches!!! I could not be more in!!!" When will I learn, Internet?

Despite all of that, I did, in fact, learn a couple things today.

1. I am never tailgating with a bottle of wine again.
2. My sister should never be allowed in a loge again. Or around people my dad works with. Or around any people in general.
3. My friend Woody and I are having a baby in January 2008.
4. It is possible to have a headache for 8 hours straight.
5. I don't have a good poker face when looking at someone whose EYE IS BLEEDING.
6. Not everyone thinks I look hot when I dance to "Footloose" in the middle of a parking lot.
7. Sometimes when my mom tells my sister to help herself to a bottle of water, Diane will instead help herself to Jack Daniel's.

Holy crap I feel like I'm going to puke. I'm off to bed. Seacrest out.

P.S. To the people over at Grey's Anatomy: thank you for this.


Oh, that girl. said...

I whole heartedly agree with the grey's anatomy thing. Thank you. He is so effing hot. Especially now that he isn't passing around the syphallis. I want to bang him. So bad

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Cleveland Browns tailgating is truly a memorable experience. This fact was proven yesterday morning as a PLETHORA of unique occurences took place. For instance:
a) Gerbs showed up
b) Bailey got really drunk and was hilarious
c) Papa Woody made a special guest appearance, only to find out that his son was going to impregnate a girl that he was not romantically involved with in January of 08.
d) About seven chicks (and sometimes myself) dancing in the parking lot of Browns tailgating to Footloose, Pour Some Sugar on Me, The Electric Slide, and several other 80s tunes
e) Me bludgeoning Bob (Baby cuz I'm a Thug)
f) Diane getting TOTALLY hammered and embarrassing herself in front of her parent's friends (and several other complete strangers)
g) The Browns somehow winning a game

Sarah, it is no wonder you keep coming back to this amazing tradition.... I HEART Browns games

Carly said...

Holy crap. I need to add him to my laminated list.

Did you love how when Meredith said that line to Dr. MD (I wasn't wrong about you...yada yada) she managed to have her eyes fill up with tears exactly at the right moment?

danielle said...

man how i love grey's anatomy. holy shit.