Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pumpkin carving party

I finally have pictures from the pumpkin carving party. First let me say that I haven't carved a pumpkin in probably 15 years. My mom, sister and I used to do it. And now I know why we stopped. It is really not as enjoyable as I remember it to be. Taking out the insides of a pumpkin has to be one of the grossest things ever, and I'm ashamed to say that I was a giant baby about it. In my defense, within a couple of minutes I remembered why I let my mom and sister do the disembowling-I am allergic. It makes my hands itch and swell up. Despite all of that, actually having a jack-o-lantern at the end of the whole process was pretty awesome. Plus it was beyond fun to carve pumpkins with my ladies.

This is Meg's pumpkin Leroy. He has some nose issues. Personally, I think it's pretty obvious he has a cocaine habit.

Halloween is Danielle's Christmas. She showed up late and cleaned and carved her pumpkin in roughly 24 seconds then sat back and drank beer while I was still trying to get the top of my pumpkin off. Also she didn't draw her face on first, and she carved it sideways because she is all fancy. What a hor.

As you can see from the picture below, I decided to give myself the award for least creative pumpkin face ever. I'm not sure how I could have gotten more unoriginal. I named him Jack since everything else about him was uncreative.

The only thing that stood out about Jack was that he had some sort of fungus. It really grossed Diane out, and that is why it is awesome.

Jen lovingly referred to her pumpkin as Retardo. It was hard to argue.

Steph decided it would be logical to use a fork to clean out the inside of her pumpkin. Here's how well that turned out:

Despite the spaghetti-like insides, her pumpkin turned out really cute. I don't think she drew her face on either. I'm just glad she didn't carve in a political message like she did last year*.

Carrie's pumpkin was by far the best:

Yes that's the grim reaper on there. She drew a person and a landscape. I drew triangles.

All in all it was a fun time. Especially when I made Diane finish cleaning out my pumpkin. Next year I think I'll get drunk first and then not draw on a pattern and see what happens. I have a feeling it will be awesome.

*This is true. All I'm saying is hers was the first (and only) one that got smashed in the street that year.


Gordon said...

Weren't Bob, Drew, and I the ones responsible for smashing it? Whoops.

Sarah said...

Holy crap were you!? Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Gordo! Dammit! I didn't know you smashed my pumpkin. Now you are on my list (along with Bob and Drew...Drew!!! et tu, brute). It's not a list you want to be on either! Had you not done that, maybe Kerry would have had Ohio. What is wrong with you! -Steph

danielle said...

oh this is my most favorite post ever. yay for you and yay for your weird skin condition! maybe next year we can carve at my house once it has some stains and a few scratches on it. ew. that's gross.

Beebers said...

wow, i'm impressed with all the pumpkins. i resorted to "carving" online. that way you can reset and redo all you want.

the insides gross me out. how does anything scower through that and take out the seeds to roast them? ew.

this.is.damon said...

Man ... I haven't carved a pumpkin since elementary school ... Halloween is "the devil" according to my mom ... and Bobby Boucher's mom.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Suuure you're allergic to pumpkins! That excuse was about as original as the pumpkin you carved! Just kidding!!!