Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I love New York

I seriously do.

This city is fantastic. Last night Sudha took me to a really nice fancy steakhouse and bought me lots of food and wine. It was the best non-date date I've ever been on. Only 17 years until we are married, Sudha!!

Tonight I went to dinner with my co-worker and his brother-in-law and then walked all over midtown taking in the sites and being the biggest most obvious tourist ever. For example, we went into the Marriott Marquis hotel and were absolutely fascinated by the glass elevators. You know because we don't have elevators in Cleveland. Then we went into the Waldorf, and there was a giant (I mean seriously enormous) bouquet of flowers near the front desk, and I heard myself say out loud, "Oh my God they're REAL FLOWERS!!!" Dammit. How uncool can I be.

I didn't see any celebrities on this trip. This ends my 2-trip streak of seeing celebrities while in New York City. On prior trips I have seen some serious A-listers:

- Chick from "Crossroads", "Center Stage" and "Guess Who". This is her. She might have also been in a movie with Nick Cannon. He's in a lot of movies. She was not with Nick Cannon at the time of the sighting.

- Popular chick from "Sixteen Candles". Here she is. Diane and I got really excited to see her, and we almost yelled out to her, but then thought, 'What would we yell? Hey, popular chick from Sixteen Candles who got her hair chopped and made out with Anthony Michael Hall!!!' On second thought, that's totally what we should have done.

- David Hyde Pierce. Niles from "Frasier". Wearing a bright purple suit which I then saw him in later that night on "David Letterman". He is miniature. Seriously very, very small. When I saw him he was walking briskly. I would imagine he was on his way back to the shire.


Nickel said...

I'm so glad you like NY so much! I just moved after living there for 2.5 years. Listening to you talk about it made me miss it. Seeing celebraties is one of the most fun parts about living there, only thing is most, of the time you can't figure out where you know them from.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

It is so sad that I know exactly who you mean re: Crossroads and Centre Stage... without checking the link. Hard to believe I'm nearly 30. I saw Mira Sorvino last week walking the street in my 'hood (Toronto).

diane said...

Our celeb sitings really suck. Remember when we saw David Faustino in vegas. That shouldn't even count. I did see Tara Reid one time at a Cavs game. She was all coked up and running around the court throwing plastic basketballs. What a whore.

Carly said...

Move to smallbany Sarah, we get to go to NYC and Boston any time we feel like hopping in the car.

danielle said...

isn't haviland morris dead?