Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm sure no one made fun of us

Yesterday John and I had plans to meet Scott at lunch. We went and got our food then sat down at the table next to each other and waited for Scott to come meet us. It took us about a half hour until we realized that Scott was not coming and that we had just eaten lunch-by ourselves at a table for 6-while sitting on the same side of the table.

Thanks for making us look like a couple of douches, Scott.


russ said...

That's like on Family Ties. No one ever sits on the camera side of the table.

I had a same day hangover on Saturday, due to one Mr. Ohio State Buckeyes. Oy vey.


slcup said...

Dammit, Scott!

danielle said...

ah dammit. how do i always miss this crap. i love u, scott.