Friday, March 23, 2007

Because you're in a wheelchair and I'm not

*Warning: spoilers*

Okay Lost was effing amazing this week. Locke is badass, crazyass and dumbass all rolled into one. I was annoyed that once again he was swayed into doing something dumb, but I was reminded of a comment Russ left a couple weeks ago after I was mad that they keep making John do moronic things:

"I was also dismayed by Locke's blatant dunderheaded-ness. My only thought is that in his real life, it appeared that John has a tendency to start looking strong and competent, but in the end he's screws up. So he jumps from low-level job to low-level job, gets suckered by his dad, expose the pot farm to a cop, etc."

Russ, I think you completely nailed it on the head. Every time Locke tries to do something, it ends up going terribly wrong. Okay I'm getting ahead of myself here. First of all, I'm sorry but Ben looked terrified when he realized John was standing in his bedroom. Wouldn't you? He had the crazy eyes and was holding a gun and smiling. Creepy! But Ben just played him like a fiddle. Convincing him to blow up the submarine. Ben is pure evil. EVIL. Seriously that man is terrifying. Even his own (not) daughter was basically like, "You're a moron. My dad's totally playing you."

The way John listened to Ben reminded me of the way he used to always listened to his dad. Why, John!? Why do you keep trusting your father? You keep going back to him over and over, and he keeps hurting you over and over. Was anyone else completely shocked to learn that the reason John was in a wheelchair was because his dad pushed him out of an eighth story window?? I really didn't expect that to be the reason, but holy cripes that was a sweet twist. I don't think John Locke could be any more damaged-physically and mentally. No wonder he doesn't want to leave the island. He's capable there. He can walk. He can fight. He's useful. I'd probably do anything to stay there, too, if I was him.

Also I just want to say it was effing sweet when he said to Ben, "You're in a wheelchair and I'm not." Eat it, Ben! How does it feel to know the island cares more about him? Okay...Locke's dad at the end. Um...I pretty much soiled my underpants. First of all, I was going to kill someone if they didn't show us what was in the closet till the next show. Second of all, how in the hell did they get his dad there!? Third of all, I guess when he said, "Bring out the man from Tallahassee" he meant Locke's dad? Does that mean he was there on the island already? WTF? Also they keep talking about his dad being a con man-I believe he was the original Sawyer who conned Sawyer's/James's parents out of money. My God that was a fantastic ending.

By the way, how pissed is Jack right now? He finally has a chance to leave and Locke totally ruins it. Jack's face was almost murderous. Oh my God the talk between Jack and Kate. How intense was that!? You guys, I'm sorry, but they are in love. It's so obvious. I was almost in tears I was so happy. I was screaming at the television, "Just kiss already!!" If I had been standing when that scene took place, the moment he bent over and whispered in her ear, "But I'll come back for you." my knees would've buckled. I was literally swooning. Good Lord.

Other great things that happened:

- Sayid to Alex: "You look just like your mother." Holy hell that was awesome. Way to cause waves with one sentence, Sayid!
- Jack plays the piano??
- Previews for next week: Sun hits Sawyer with a shovel!

The Izzie-George hook up did not play out like I thought it would. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Izzie likes George, right? I really have to say I thought it would be the other way around which is why I kind of liked last night's episode. She's falling for him, and not only did he not even remember it happened at first, when he did realize it, he was all about Callie. All about making it work with Callie and forgetting the thing with Izzie even happened. Good! That's how it should be. I couldn't believe it when Izzie was like, "We need to figure out how to tell Callie." What? You don't say anything to Callie, bitch! It's not your place. It's not about you. I swear to God if in a future episode she's the one who ends up telling Callie, I will freak out. I don't know yet how I feel about the possibility of an Izzie-George pairing. I always felt they had a brother-sister vibe so it's hard to have to switch gears and think about them in a romantic way. Also I still think she should be with Alex. So at this time I am going to have to give the Izzie-George pairing a Thumbs Way Down.

Poor McDreamy is so worried that Meredith's going to try and leave again. This must be how the loved ones of people who've attempted suicide feel-like they constantly have to be watching out and protecting. My God it must be so tiring. When he said to Sloane, "I will hurt you if this goes badly for her." I had a Jack-Kate moment swoon. I thought the whole dynamic with Derek and Meredith was wonderful this episode. Just wonderful. They were so cute and happy and caring about each other.

Thank you, Grey's writers, for bringing Christina back to her senses. I loved the ending with these two. Her demands for what the wedding should be like were hilarious, and his reaction was also hilarious. I'm so glad they didn't break them up. I would've been pissed.

One of the things I really loved about this episode were the actual medical parts. Poor Jane Doe having to pick her own face with absolutely no idea of what she's actually supposed to look like. It was so sad, and you can easily see why she is so dependent on Alex's opinion for everything. Speaking of Alex: HOT. Also the lady with FOP (statue lady)-my God that was sad. I felt so bad for her daughter holding on so tight to every last second they had together. I would be the same exact way. I imagine in real life, though, the doctor wouldn't give me a speech about living my life and how the bad things that happen make you realize what's good, blah blah blah. Izzie's speech was nice, but I kept thinking, 'What if your doctor was saying this to you?' I'd be like-um...okay this is weird.

Sloane is a dog. And awesome. Bailey chewing him out was absolutely fantastic, and then when she heard about his "right now" plan her face was priceless. That man is a smooth-talker for sure. And just so so hot. It's just-it's hard to look at him straight on without risking going blind.

I didn't see any previews for next week which may mean it's a repeat, and I just want to say that that's not cool.


Anonymous said...

I didn't feel like Ben talked him into blowing up the submarine. No way, John had his own agenda. I don't think he cared at all what Ben was saying to him. That was just all plot exposition for we, the viewers to go along with the flashback scenes...which were awesome. I still feel like he is three to four steps ahead of everyone at all times...maybe even the writers.


Sarah said...

OMG, Lo, I hope you are right. That would be so awesome.

Skeezix said...

I fully believe that Izzy is delusional when it comes to what happened. I really, really, really believe that the first person you sleep with after you lose your partner (be it through divorce or death or breakup) can really fuck with your perception of what is really happening.

I've seen it happen in real life, friends who have divorced and become entirely too attached to their rebound person even when everything about that situation is wrong they want to hold on with all their might.

I feel bad for Callie, she's going to find out and it is going to be bad. T.R. though did rock it though last night, he did the perfect uber hungover holy shit.

i am not said...

I was a bit "lost" on Locke's dad situation - for some reason I thought that him being John's dad was part of the con... But if he was the one that conned Sawyer's parents that will be awesome.

And what about the look on Kate's face when Jack told her that she told him to save Sawyer's life and thats basically why it is what it is - she was like, "Jack, what did they tell you?" I wanted him to say - "It wasn't what they told me - it was what I SAW!" I totally thought they were going to kiss, too.

Grey's - I saw a lot of foreshadowing in the voice overs and Izzy's speech at the end... foreshadowing that Izzy is going to end up being pregnant with George's baby. If that happens, I'm going to be pissed because that will be stupid. Also, I loved it when everything came flashing back and Georgia stood up to Callie's dad.

I read that Addison is going to have her own spinoff show.

Sassy Blondie said...

Holy SHIT!! Lost was amazing! I am totally dying to know how they got Locke's dad on the island. Every time it seems they can't possibly know more about our castaways, Ben and his minions pull out something like this. I too was totally speechless in the revelation about the cause of Locke's paralysis. And Jack and Kate? With just a look he communicated to her that he KNOWS about her and Sawyer doing the dirty deed. I agree with you, Sarah, they are so in love. I'm not sure that I believe John was duped and manipulated into blowing up the sub. He has the look of "knowing" that I can't quite figure out. I thought for sure Ben would need a change when Locke showed up all smiley and toting a gun. I have my suspicions about Locke's dad being the cone that effed up Sawyer's childhood too. Damn, this episode rocked!

Grey's was good too, but yet again I think the writers better do something better with Izzie's character. She's so effing annoying and self-centered that I find myself yelling expletives at the tv when she's onscreen. George totally LOOKED the part of a tequila hangover! Kudos to the makeup people...I've seen that look in the mirror before! I loved the ending with Christina and Burke...I was going to be pissed too if they broke up. Derek's pained looks were almost too much to take...he's really looking so scared that Meredith will try it again. Now when are we getting more Alex? We know virtually NOTHING about him, Grey's writers! Give us something to hold on to here! He was SO great with Jane Doe...can't believe he has 5 kids in real life! Damn his wife must be a happy woman! And why is Bailey not taking any prominent face time? She's far to interesting to fade into the background. And finally, if they could show McDreamy working out every week, I would gladly work out with the replay every night!

Lindystar said...

If they don't start giving Bailey more air time I'm going to get irate.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Alex is so ungodly hot I can't stand it. And yeah I sort of know that I comment on that EVERY week on your blog but still, he's HOT !!

I hate that dumb blond bitch, and that's all I can say without going into a 20 paragraph rant.