Monday, March 12, 2007

An excerpt from the instructions on how to fill the tank on my humidifier

1. Remove the water tank by grasping the handle and pulling straight up. Set aside.

2. Lift up on the motor housing to remove and set aside. Remove the filter. Soak the filter in a sink full of cool water and place back in the humidifier while wet.

3. Turn the water tank upside down so that the fill cap is facing up; unscrew the fill cap by turning it counter-clockwise and set aside.

4. Fill the water tank with cool tap water.

5. Replace the fill cap by turning it clockwise. Turn the water tank right-side up.

6. Ahahahaha-we can't believe you fell for that, you stupid moron. You actually thought when you turned it over it wouldn't leak all over the place? Idiot. Man-this is totally our favorite part of this job. Watching douchebags like you just completely forget the notion of gravity and spill water all over yourselves so you have to change your pajamas. Well have fun cleaning that up. Chances are good you've already walked through it in your socks. And chances are also good the long trail of water you left on your carpet while carrying it into your bedroom won't dry completely overnight, and you'll walk through it again in the morning. Seriously-this never gets old for us. Peace out, sucka. See ya tomorrow when you forget that the tank leaks and do this all over again.


John said...


Johnny Virgil said...

I have that same model. Effers.

Sgt said...

Humidifiers and those old school water coolers bottles. Bastards!

russ said...

You should just hook it up to your dehumidifier.