Friday, March 16, 2007

When the h is The Office coming back??

I thought "Lost" was excellent. First of all, I think all Desmond does now is save Charlie's life, and I am okay with that because he is so hot and heroic. We finally found out officially that Claire is Jack's half-sister. That's still a great twist even though everyone already knew that. I can't wait until they themselves find out in season 17 after we've all forgotten about it. Claire was really on top of her game with those migratory birds. Way to use your noggin, Claire!! I can't believe they ended up with only one bird and therefore only one SOS message on a tiny piece of paper lightly tied to the bird's leg. If this was a comedy instead of a drama as soon as that bird flew away we'd see the piece of paper fall into the ocean. I kept expecting it to happen. I mean so there's no way that message is going to get to anyone, right? But it was still a great attempt. Sometimes I forget that they're actually still trying to get rescued.

Okay Eye Patch talked about the list again. What the hell is the list. If I don't find out what it is soon, I'm going to lose my freaking mind. Oh also we learned that Ben is not the guy in charge. There's someone else, and he's a "great, great man". Another thing we learned is that Kate needs to stop volunteering to do dangerous stuff like climbing that tree and going over the death trap first. I'm feeling inadequate because she's so effing tough. I'd be like, "Yeah why don't you guys go ahead. I'll stay here-you can pick me up on the way back." Actually if I was really being honest with myself, I would admit that I'd still be at the beach not volunteering to do anything but rub sunscreen all over Sawyer and/or Desmond.

What the hell is Jack doing playing football with Tom/Zeke? Are they friends now? Do you think they brainwashed him? It's either that or he's just playing along till he can get out of there. Or he's making the best of a bad situation. Kate's face was priceless. I like to think that inside her head she was saying, "I just came all this way and almost died like 3 times just to rescue your ass and you're playing fucking football? WTF!?"

We need to talk about John Locke. Remember how last week I was all mad because he barely ever does anything this season and they finally gave him something to do he made a huge dumb mistake? Um...yeah-I don't think that was a mistake. This week he's all, "How was I supposed to know the house was rigged with C4?" in his best I'm-a-bumbling-idiot voice. Then a few minutes later Sayid finds some of the C4 in Locke's backpack. Wha?? And his explanation is, "You never know when you're going to need some C4." What? I like Sayid's response with a smile, "No-that's not good enough, John." Then John totally throws Eye Patch into the trap and Eye Patch gets his brain melted. After this really long horrifying death scene Kate's like, "Oh My God." And they look at John in shock and he shrugs and says, "Sorry." Like oh I'm not sorry at all. W. T. F. You guys, Locke knows exactly what he's doing. But what is he doing!? I'm freaking out. I wish I had last week's episode to watch again because wasn't he in the house by himself for a short time before he met up with Sayid and the others? I think he blew up the effing house on purpose. I think he learned something on that chess game that they didn't show us. I also think he's starting to completely lose it, and he's about to start kicking ass and taking names and I cannot effing wait. Next week's episode is all about him. Ber-ring It.

So I got a text from Steph last night before I got a chance to watch Grey's and she said, "I think Grey's has jumped the shark for me." I asked why, and she said she felt like she was watching Dallas-a tired cliched soap opera. After I watched it, I have to say I don't feel it jumped the shark for me, but, Steph, I totally see your point. I was pretty frustrated with last night's episode. You know it's bad when Derek and Meredith are "the stable couple".

First of all, can Christina and Burke ever get along for more than one episode in a row? I think they're such a great couple. I wish the show would just let them be a couple. There's enough drama and conflict just because of their personalities-the fun kind. The show doesn't need to keep creating more. And seriously-Christina dated that old nasty guy for 3 years? I think I speak for all of us when I say eeeeeeeewwwwww!

Do you guys think Alex is really over Izzie? I do not. At all. He said he had a date, but he really didn't. He was just going to see Jane Doe. I think he's saying he's over her so she will be comfortable with him living there. Maybe this is my wishful thinking. If so, please just let me have it. I want them back together so bad. Also I want him to move in with me, too. How can I make this happen? Hopefully Alex moving into the house will mean we'll get more of his story. I feel like he's the least developed character on the show which annoys me because I happen to think he's the most complex. Also, I'll be honest, I'm hoping for a shower scene. My God that man is gorgeous.

I really don't understand why George was so mad at Callie about being rich. I would be doing cartwheels if I found out the person I just married was loaded. How is that not awesome? Okay maybe it's annoying she wasn't completely straight with him at first, but so what? Make her buy you a nice present and get over it. I'm surprised Callie didn't smack him when he said, "Izzie's blonde and stacked and beautiful. Girls like that don't like George." She certainly had every right to. What a dickhead thing to say.

I was also glad to see that George had been ignoring Izzie for a few weeks. She deserves it. Then I was annoyed again when he gave her the satisfaction of saying, "I think I made a mistake when I married Callie." However, surprisingly Izzie wasn't a bitch and didn't say, "I told you so." which is what I thought she would do. She was actually telling him to go back to her. The only really supportive thing she's done for him in a while. Then she ruined it by SLEEPING WITH HIM. Okay I don't know how I feel about this. This really came out of left field, and I guess on some level it makes sense because she is rather possessive of him. Even though I think she's only possessive of him as a friend I think when that type of relationship is threatened you kind of do things to bring the person back into your life. Maybe it's her way of holding onto him. I don't know. I was half annoyed, half laughing my ass off. Her face when she woke up the next day was hysterical. I will say one thing: the Izzie-George hookup is loads less awkward than the Meredith-George hookup was. I mean I didn't immediately want to take a shower this time. How do you guys think this will play out? I have no idea.

P.S. Grey's writers, I'm gonna need more Bailey next time. Thanks.

P.S. To 24 watchers: Fucking Secret Service Aaron! Hell yes! Holy crap I will marry him.


Tom said...

Dude. The List. Hello? Did you watch season one? The list they gave to Ethan with the names? The names of the people? The people the others kidnapped? Also, the other list? The one whatshisname (Hawkins?) had with Anna-Lucia and the Tailies? With the names of the kidnapped people? That list. It's basically Santa's Naughty/Nice list, except in this case I think Ben is Santa and Mrs. Claus is a crazy French woman.

I think what's way more important (besides the totally awesome, unexpected, crazy good twist with Jack running for the football - obviously) is that the black chick that ran the "camp" they kidnapped Walt to, and now the Eyepatch guy are DEAD. Killed at the hands (or at least in the presence of) our boys Sayeed, Locke, and Kate. It's like the Others (or "Hostiles") are using this little enterprising troupe to do their dirty work - killing off the people that know things. The outliers. (or -- outliars ha!).

Anyway. I'm pretty sure that's the list they're talking about. The same one they've been talking about for years.

Now can somebody explain WHY THEY KILLED ECHO?!


Sarah said...

To-om [said in whiny voice]! I know what list they are talking about but WHAT IS IT!? I don't get it. Like why is there a list, who created it, what's the purpose, who gets put on it and why, etc. Those are questions I need answers to. Also yeah how come the black lady and Eye Patch wanted to die? I mean they asked for it. What's up with that? What are they afraid of? I mean Eye Patch even said, "Thank you" when Locke threw him in the brain melter thing. That's effed up.

Skeezix said...

That last scene between Callie and George broke my heart. How could George be so fucking stupid?

Lindystar said...

I'm really hoping that they just used it as a shock factor and they just fell asleep best friend style together. (and then will bring it back at a later date just to fuck with their relationship some more)

Alex is so Hot, Alex is so Hot, Alex is so Hot. And thank got crazy ugly pregers lady is starting to look a little better. Maybe she'll turn out to be hot and he'll start dating her.

I'm sorry Izzies a megabeotch and he's too good for her. God he's Hot.


Sassy Blondie said...

OH MY GOD! Izzie and George...disgusting with a capital D! It just makes me dislike Izzie even more. They need to kill her off so she can go be with Denny (though she doesn't deserve him either). She screwed it up by not taking Alex (HHHOT!!) back. I agree that we need to know more about him. Jeez, we know more about Callie than Alex, and she's pretty new to the show. And yes, I agree: a shower scene with Alex is necessary and needs to happen immediately. I'm beginning to get upset with Grey's...what's next? Will Bailey end up sleeping with the Chief? Ugh!

Lost is killing me as well! I'm ready to hear more about John Locke. All we've gotten in the past is the deal with his "dad" and being denied the walkabout. Besides Desmond, he's the most intriguing character on the show right now. Thank God they finally showed us a little about Claire and came right out and let us see Jack's dad is her dad. Duh! And the list is driving me crazy as well. How do you get on the list that says you get taken and the list that says you stay free? And why hasn't Hurley lost any weight? I'm worried he'll drop dead at any minute! Why does Charlie look more and more feminine as the days on the island pass? Why isn't Sun showing yet? Who is in charge of Ben? What has Locke figured out/discovered about the damn Dharma Initiative and how is he involved now? Is Sawyer's choice of literature (Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead) in any way significant? Why did Desmond wear a shirt the whole hour? Why did Jack wear a shirt while playing football? These questions must be answered! I need more answers!

Loved the Office repeat though. The makeover with Phyllis and Karen: priceless and genius. Jim hiding the dumbass phone in the ceiling tiles? Dwight working at Staples after giving out his resumes! I still laughed as if it were the first time I saw it. I love that B.J. Novak is a writer...we don't see enough of Ryan's character, so we get the best of him through the others. I'm ready for some new episodes and fast!

Mon said...

I loved Lost too! I thought it was awesome how Locke blew up another "hatch", and threw eyepatch dude into the electric fence to watch him fry. Oops. I can't wait to see what is really going on with him!

Alex isnt over Izzie. And I also think Callie was right, She does have the hots for George! I loved last nights episode.

I think they were trying to trick us not having Bailey on....because clearly,shes the next Chief. They want us to think she isn't cus she wasn't on that episode. But I'm totally calling it.

ThatGirl7278 said...

All I can say is, if I'm Callie (and on some days, I like to think I am... you know, curvy, Latina, hot in a towel, etc) and I find out that my hubby did it w/the best friend/blonde bombshell... it is effin' over!!!!

Yeah. Cause that's just messed and certainly not akin to "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was rich."

ThatGirl7278 said...

Did you also notice Andy is gone after going nutso? And they didn't even show it on the show?!?! I mean, in the last "new epi" Karen was talking about how she's the only one left from the other office ... which means, Andy is gone. And I liked Andy. I mean, he was a damned good douche... I'll miss him.

RIP Andy from the Office:
Ooopa Loompa Doopity Doo, I've got another... etc.