Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Remember when Artz blew up? That was insane.

Warning: Major Big Spoilers. Do NOT read if you didn't watch "Lost".

Oh my what the holy effing poop on a stick.

What. In the hell. Did I. Just. Witness.

That was amazing. I don't even know where to begin. Well how about them bringing back some of the old gang! Shannon? Boone? Artz!? YES!! Man it was nice to see them again. I also thought it was pretty cool how they went back and inserted Nikki and Paulo into some of the key scenes from season 1. Very clever.

Also this has to be one of the greatest openings to a show ever. Nikki's dramatic collapse. Then Hurley: "Dude, Nikki's dead."
Sawyer: "Who the hell is Nikki?"
Cue Lost title card.
Absolutely fantastic beginning.

There were so many great lines in this episode especially between Hurley and Sawyer. When Hurley told Sawyer to stop messing with the crime scene, pop almost came out of my nose.

Now how about those deaths? Lost writers, you are seriously some sick and twisted people to have thought up deaths like that. First of all there's no way I'm sleeping tonight thanks to your little spider attack scene. Second of all, being aware of everything around you but unable to move. Third of all, BURIED ALIVE? Where do you get your inspiration from? My worst nightmares? Holy Christ. I'm not saying these people didn't deserve it. I mean, let's be honest-they were total scumbags. But jeezus-remind me never to get on your bad side.

I don't know how you did it, but you made this episode all about people no one really gave two craps about, and you managed to make it completely and utterly riveting. I couldn't fast forward through the commercial breaks fast enough. I also couldn't get to my computer to blog fast enough. Bravo, Lost writers. Brav-effing-o.

P.S. Shirtless Sawyer digging a hole did not go unnoticed and is much appreciated.

P.P.S. Even the previews for next week were amazing. Kate is about to kick some serious ass in what looks like a one-sided chick fight in the rain. This seems like it might fulfill the average male viewer's fantasy. Okay and mine-I'll admit it. I have a woman-crush on Kate. And I would really like to see her kick that hor Juliette's ass. Stupid Juliette. We know you don't want to be on the island anymore. Just stop protecting Ben already. The whole routine of "I want to be your friend but I'm still not going to tell you shit" is tired, and we are about done with you. Also Kate, get ready to feel the sting of finding out Jack saw you laying naked with Sawyer. Make it right, Kate! He still loves you!


Johnny Virgil said...

you summed it up with "people no one really gave two craps about."

I thought the whole episode was pretty lame, and stunk of filler.

And the spider thing was pretty ridiculous. But maybe I'm just jaded and cynical and I need to find an old car that has been tipped on its side for 30 years so I can tip it right-side up and start it without even cleaning the carb.

Carly said...

Well, I have to go with Johnny. How many characters are they going to invent, give backstories to, and "kill" in a 3 or 4 episode arc?

And are we supposed to be waiting to see if she claws her way out next week? It's not like they packed that dirt down, is it?

I was kind of annoyed to think "do I have to go back and watch the plane crash scene and look to see if this chick was actually in it?"

Last questions - if Paolo got bit first why didn't his eyes pop open first? How come no one saw her eyes pop open if they were SHOVELING DIRT ONTO HER?
I have so many questions.

But I loved Sun giving Sawyer a punch in the face.

Sarah said...

WHAT!? You guys are insane. That episode was awesome. I really didn't care one bit that it didn't advance the story. I'm okay with stand-alone episodes every once in a while to give you a breather. Basically what I'm saying is you guys are wrong. I am right. :)

i am not said...

Sarah, I'm totally with you - I thought last night was awesome and even though i was a little annoyed that they were inserted into the story after the story was told, i still thought it was cool how they did it. And I LOVED seeing all of our old friends back (i miss boone).

lets discuss paolo and how he's a selfish jerk... finds a plane, finds a hatch, sees ben and juliette watching jack, finds a walkie talkie and doesn't say anything to anyone? stupid jerk.

i NEED two episodes every week - one with the survivors and one with the others. i can't stand waiting two weeks between cliff hangers.

Anonymous said...

For shame, Lost writers. Does anyone else remember when every episode mattered?


Tom said...

I agree. For shame. I've been waiting for these two to get killed off since she tried to make Locke look like a dumbass in the Pearl. "What are these other tvs for?" Idiot. Of course they're for watching other stations.

And yes. Down with the stand alone episodes. If anybody missed this episode all they'd need to see to get all caught up is the three seconds it took Sun to say "Sawyer, Charlie told me it was you who kidnapped me. [SLAP!]" and that's it. You'd be caught up.

Also, Paulo didn't wake up because (a) he was bit by the female spider, not the male, and (b) he was bit on the neck. And nobody saw her open her eyes because noboddy looks at dead bodies they're burying, especially since they're not expecting them to open their eyes.


(Seriously, though, was anybody else worried right at the last minute - after cheering that these two posers fakers, tacked-on characters had finally been killed off once-and-for-all - worried that as Sawyer paused to scatter the diamonds over the corpses, that that is when they'd wake up? Man. If that had happened I would have been SOOOOO pissed at the writers. Buried Alive is the way all such lame-ass add ons should perish. NO MORE ADDING CRASH SURVIVORS! ITS A FIXED SET! Add other Others if you want. Add new crazy French people in the Jungle. MAKE BELIEVE JOHN'S FATHER CAN JUST APPARATE INSIDE BEN'S MAGIC BOX!! But you can't just create new crash survivors. That ain't how it works. Knowhatahmsayin'?

Aaron said...

Alright kids, you all need to play nice. That being said I am going to settle this once and for all. Last night's show was, in a word, "awesome." Yes, while it appears as a stand-alone show... you all need to remember these characters. I have read some information, though certainly unconfirmed, that Nikki and Paolo are MUCH more important that we know just yet. The most unfortunate side effect of last night's episode is that Nikki has now effed up our game of "LOST: F, Marry, Kill". It used to be Kate, Shannon and Juliette. Adding in a new hot chick effectively ruined our game.

Sassy Blondie said...

I'm with you, Sarah! Who knew it was going to be so freakin' great! What a creepy ending...buried alive. Plus, I too thought the way they inserted them into Season 1 was clever. I kept thinking: Did I miss them there the first time? And Boone! I miss him! Shannon? Not so much.

Shirtless Sawyer, brooding Desmond, and little bit of Jack on the beach at the crash? I'll be having some sweet dreams tonight (like you, Sarah, the spider thing whigs me out but with those three above mentioned items, I should be able to work through it)! Whew! I cannot wait until next week...ready for Juliette to get bitch-slapped by Kate.

I Tivo-ed due to being at a meeting on Wed. night, so I had to avoid everyone else at work today and my own sister's calls until I got home to watch it. I waited to read your post as well.

Stupid repeats tonight on Grey's, but The Office episode about sexual harrassment made me laugh out loud again.

russ said...

Interesting this split reaction. I thought it was a great return to storytelling for the series. They did a bit of a "tour de dead people", reminded us about some of what we loved originally.

They did a little bit of Others work, and I thought the bits where Nikki and Paolo kept info to themselves a great narrative twist, reminding us we've been seeing everything through just the eyes of the "A team" (who also didn't share everything with everyone).

Lostpedia informed me that while in the airport in Sydney, "Captain Steward" was paged -- I think that might've been Locke's dad's last name...

In summation, good call Sarah, bad call half the commenters here, and nicely done Sun. I'm eager for next week

Mon said...

loved iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! the show simply rocks. genius!