Thursday, March 29, 2007

We fake talked to this one guy so we could steal free "I heart Cleveland" pins

It appears I am in the minority in my love for the "Lost" episode last night. But I think since it's my blog that means that by default I am always right. I'll need to check the official rulebook, but yeah-I'm pretty sure that's how it works around here. Yes it was probably the most out-of-place episode so far, but that doesn't bother me one bit. Honestly I just really enjoyed the episode and had a good time watching it. Personally I felt it was written just for us, the audience. I had read an article that when they first brought Nikki and Paulo on, they had a big storyline planned for them, but part of it ended up being abandoned so then they were left with these two people who suddenly showed up and had nothing to do. So here we are, the fans, like, "Who the hell are these two people?", and the writers were like, "Well, let's answer that question and get rid of them in a spectacular way." It was like they said-here you go, gang. You don't have to worry about the newbies anymore. Not only that, it didn't raise a million more completely enraging questions that will take years to answer. It was like a mental breather. It was campy and most importantly it was fun, and this show is rarely fun. Hurley said, "Nikki's dead." and Sawyer said, "Who the hell is Nikki?" That was clearly a line thrown in just for us because the writers knew we were all thinking the same thing. It's like we were in on the joke. How can you not totally love that?

Oh and one more thing then I'll shut up and pretend all the people who said it was lame didn't really say that: Remember when Locke told Paulo, "Nothing you bury on this beach stays buried."? Could that be foreshadowing of people buried on the beach not staying buried? Interesting!

In other news, last night you'll all be pleased to know that we did something very grown up. Steph, Lisa, Matt and I went to an event called Professionals in the City. It was a gathering of Cleveland-area professionals for a meet 'n' greet happy hour and then a panel discussion with some of the biggest investors in Cleveland's redevelopment projects. Can you believe how mature and professional and grown up we are? Of course as soon as the panel discussion started we decided to leave and go get drinks and dinner at a bar down the street. And I may have been drunk. And Steph may have sent this picture to all our friends with the message "Drink named after me":

Yes-grown up indeed.


Johnny Virgil said...

"Could that be foreshadowing of people buried on the beach not staying buried? Interesting!"

I'm betting that zombie Nikki will still be hot.

russ said...

The only word I can pick out from the drink description is "muddled".


Mon said...

heck yea, nikkie and paulo wont stay buried. Their gonna walk the land of the dead and torment people. It's gonna be awesome! I loved the episode. I liked how it went back and showed what happened with ALL of them. If you track the days back, its really interesting. I think you have to really analyze the show to appreciate it. Which I love to do!

it showed how benry and juliette wanted to get sawyer and kate AND jack...thats why they let hurley go. i think they only took him to throw them off.

they wanted sawyer and kate to hook up, and piss jack off enough to stay with them and do the surgery. Pretty smart. Looking back at the episodes this season, it was all a set up. There is no way kate got into sawyers cage w/o them knowing. or jack got out and 'happened to see the deed'. they made each of them fear for their lives, so theyd hook up.