Sunday, April 01, 2007

My ass is stuck to the chair

It is 9:30pm on Sunday. I am heading into my 13th straight hour of working today. I'm trying to think of something clever to post, but my brain is mush. I just tried to have a conversation with my sister, and I think all I got out was "I'm going to kill someone." So, um, how about this picture of the bullshit they try to pass as ketchup in my new building:

Perhaps I'll start my killing spree with the person who decided to order this instead of the real stuff.

P.S. Look at this picture of my dog. There is no way he could possibly be more awesome.


Johnny Virgil said...

Relax, have a berry wine cooler. I laughed out loud when I saw the black box over your dog's dangler. You can tell he's a total man-whore.

Johnny Virgil said...

ps - you should have made the black box really big, just to flatter him.

CruiserMel said...

Awwwww, cute dog. And no, he couldn't be more awesome. It must be great to feel so carefree when it comes to airing one's privates.

Lindystar said...

OK I'm with JV the black box is too funny.

But I'm confused about the ketchup are you pissed at the brand or the packets? Cuz I hate both, ESPECIALY the G-D forsaken packets. I need to invent a real person packet, one that holds like six times as much.

Sarah said...

Lindystar, I think we are the same person. I was mostly pissed about Hunts being the brand because seriously-that's not ketchup. But I share your anger about the size of the little packets. Come on, fast food restaurant industry! GIVE UP THE KETCHUP!!

Lindystar said...


She TOLD Y.O.U. !


(I'm gonna stand over here.)

But she's TELLIN' yall.



Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Yes, increase the black box, like in the Borat movie. Make it look like he has a 5th leg.

Christie said...

it's time yet again for the stupidest of blog awards.... Go nominate

Mon said...

that was really thoughtful of you to protect his manhood! you wouldnt want bitches beating your door down just to get a peice of that!