Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's TV recap time again

Yowza there was some good TV this week. Warning: Spoilers within. Another warning: This is long.

For the love of Pete I don't even know where to start. I guess let's start with Sun and Jin since it was their episode. I love Sun and Jin and was so happy to be focused on their story again. Jin is hot and a total badass when he has to be (i.e., chasing down Eye Patch. EYE PATCH?!? We'll come back to this.). I totally knew that blackmailer lady was his mother, and how awesome was it when Sun threatened to kill her? Watch out, Jin's mother! Sun will kill you dead. Or her dad will. Either way you=not living anymore if you keep it up.

Jin's the daddy! I am so so so so happy about this, but if they kill off Sun I will go medieval on ABC. I am not even kidding. Juliet almost got me to kind of like her, and then she was all, "I'm just going to go back inside and check the measurements again to make sure we didn't miss anything." Yeah, why don't you go "check the measurements again", lying whore. I knew you weren't going to do that! I know you hate Ben for making you do this so here's an idea: DON'T. There are 40 people out on that island who would gladly support you and help you fight Ben if you just told them what the eff was going on on that freaking island. I know, I know-it's not that easy. Ben's the one who can get them off the island. My question is why? Why is he the only one? One thing has changed about my feelings for Juliet, and that is that I don't want her to die immediately anymore. She may be the one who can save Sun so we can keep her around until she does that. Then she needs to get out of my face.

Um...what's up with all the insinuation that Jack is working with The Others? Not cool, Losties. Let's remember who stepped up to the plate time and time again when no one else would? That would be Jack. Beautiful, yummy, sleeveless, stubbled, tattooed, melt-in-your-mouth Jack. So bring it way down on the suspicions.

Um...FLIGHT 815 CRASHED AND THERE ARE NO SURVIVORS?? Are you freaking kidding me? Okay so who the hell is this parachuter? At first I was sure she was sent by Penny because of the photo. But what if she's one of The Others, and they are using her to throw off our Losties? I mean it's kind of convenient that Eye Patch showed up exactly where she had landed. Maybe he knew she was coming but didn't count on Desmond and the guys to be there? By the way, why the eff is Eye Patch alive!? Did he fake it or did the island heal him? It was interesting how he said the parachuter with the collapsed lung would be okay in only one day. Is that a clue?

John's convinced that they are all dead and are in some kind of purgatory. I think it's a government cover up. I think the Dharma (& Greg) Initiative who went there originally was doing research for the government, something went wrong and the government covered it up. And I think the government knows that flight 815 crashed on that island but because of the cover up denied all knowledge of it and came up with the phony no survivors story.

Also previews for next week: Locke asking Sawyer to kill Ben? I totally do not think that's Ben that he wants killed. I think it's his father. Here's one thing I know for sure: I am freaking out.

Grey's Anatomy
Gordo wrote me during the show and said that Grey's was redeeming itself a bit with this episode, and I have to agree. I actually laughed. Several times. It's been a while for this show. I absolutely loved the game they were playing when the show opened up. God I miss those days where they were all friends and had fun together. It was what made the show so damn good. The closeness of these very different 5 interns.

Bailey taking the full cake was fantastic. Everything she does is fantastic. But that was extra special. Especially because she took it and left the room with it like, "Leave me alone while I eat this entire thing." Awesome.

Skinner from The X-Files needs to lay the hell off the chief. If the chief wants to retire, he can retire. My dad would agree and would tell the chief that retiring is the best thing ever-right after he called me from the mall to tell me there was a huge sale at B. Moss (my dad actually did this today. How awesome is he!). Dorky sidenote: Anyone else recognize Skinner's wife? Mrs. Leery! Dawson's long-suffering mother on "Dawson's Creek". I say long-suffering because she had a total douchebag for a son and a hot husband who died.

Um...penis fish! Is that a real thing? Someone with the patience to Google, please Google this right now and tell me. And find out if it's actually that big because good Lord. How do you not feel that swimming up your urethra?

Addison and Alex totally did it! Man could he be any hotter? Answer: No. Why was he mean to her at the end? I think it was because Ava told him that Addison was looking for a real relationship. I don't think he thinks of her that way so he was letting her down now instead of later when it would really hurt her. Also they are setting up her departure from the show. I love how she leaves the hospital at the end and looks back at it with a face like, "I fucking hate this place." Poor McSteamy. He was really trying to be the man she wanted him to be. And he let her go by saying he slept with someone. Ugh-it just makes him that much more attractive. How in the hell did Meredith resist him when he hit on her? She is a stronger woman than I am.

I love happy Meredith. It's been a while since we've seen it, and I love it. But of course the writers can't let Derek and Meredith just be happy. I hate this new storyline they have going with Derek basically dumping Meredith over a job. A few weeks ago he'd have died for her. Make it stop, writers.

Color me shocked Izzie finally did the right thing tonight by giving up George for Callie's sake. George, you're a dick for even driving Callie to the point of having to beg Izzie for her husband back. Ridiculous! But Izzie, congrats on walking away from George. It's the first time I've seen you act like an adult in a long time. I wonder how long it will last. Something tells me not long, and that something is the preview of you kissing him in the elevator next week. Honestly, writers, she treats George like her little bitch from day one and now you expect us to believe she literally cannot keep her hands off of him? I'm not buying it.

On the other hand I LOVED the stuff with Christina and Burke tonight. Please keep them together forever.

The Office
After every single episode of The Office I always think, 'There is no way any other episode will make me laugh this much', and then the next episode comes and once again I end up with a pulled stomach muscle and soiled underpants.

I know that pretty much every other day I say that something was "the funniest thing I have ever seen", but Jim imitating Dwight? The funniest god. damn. thing I have ever seen! "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." And the calculator watch! "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!" Top notch, award-winning writing right there, folks. It does not get better. Oh until Dwight tried to imitate Jim. I love that his idea of imitating Jim is saying, "I'm Jim Halpert." over and over and asking Karen to have "sexual intercourse" with him.

Other highlights:
- Every single thing that happened with Creed. Love that it was his fault the obscene cartoon got out. Love that the most effort he's put in at work all year was finding someone else to blame for it. Love that he blamed Dwight for that lady getting fired and that he took up a collection for her and kept the money. Best quote ever: "The only difference between me and a homeless man is this job. I will do whatever it takes to survive. Like I did when I was a homeless man."

- Kelly: "This day is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" Cut to Angela taking aspirin to prepare for the headache to come.

-Michael, in a panic: "No no no-I need two men on this. That's what she said. No time! But she did. NO TIME!"

- Jim: "Lord, beer me strength."

- Andy's girlfriend is in high school! Andy: "I had no idea." Jim: "Well...that's not gonna hold up in court."

- I love Kelly training the Accounting department and doing her Bridget Jones voice. I like ice cream! I need a boyfriend! Also Angela is the absolute best at being a bitch.

- Oscar and Kevin trying to hi-five.

- Dwight referring to the accuracy of the X-rated cartoon: "Whoever drew this got it exactly right."

- The press conference made me hide under my blanket it was so uncomfortable. But the video taped apology was so worth it. "They're trying to make me an escape goat." And OMG when he ended it with "You have one day." I spit Diet Sprite all over my shirt.

Did I mention that I love TV?


Johnny Virgil said...

I hate that I have no willpower and I read your spoilers before I've actually seen the shows.


Skeezix said...

I missed the first 10 minutes of The Office because 'OH my god it's raining. Oh, look lightening! Wait! Hail? Let me bust out my dopplar radar and interrupt all programing to tell you about it!'

Fucking weathermen.

Carly said...

Sadly, the penish fish, it is real, a tiny parasite that gets up in the goods and then latches on and grows. I learned that on grey matter...

...furthermore I think McSteamy was pissed at her because he saw her come out of the broom closet with Alex. (Condoms, anyone? ANYONE? DOES ANYONE ON THE SHOW USE A .... sorry.)

Burke deserves better. He started talking about the red velvet cake and Mr. Carly was all "what???" and I said "shutupshutupshutup, he's going somewhere with this." Deep.

I have not laughed so hard at an episode of the Office in a while. I heart Jim Halpert.

Tom said...

Eye Patch showed up after Hurley shot the flare. It wasn't coincidence. My guess is he saw the flashing red light just like Desmond and our boys and came to investigate and scavenge. I'm pretty sure the helicopter girl came from Penny, but what's with her speaking eight languages?


i am not said...

When eye patch showed up I was freaking out, too. I thought he melted - MELTED. Can you unmelt after going through that force field thing? On the island you can do anything, I guess - even be fertile when once you were unfertile.

I immediately thought they were in purgatory, too.

This, honest to god, was the funniest thing I have ever seen:
-Michael, in a panic: "No no no-I need two men on this. That's what she said. No time! But she did. NO TIME!"


CruiserMel said...

Good grief, it's been a bunch of days since I popped onto your blog. I really need to catch up, but haven't seen Lost, or The Office. But did want to say 'hi' and I'll catch up on the shows over the weekend and then see if I agree with your take on those.

FYI - I am so diggin' Grey's. So many dynamics, so much fun, so much can't get much better. But I'm sure if it can, they'll do it.

The penis fish is for real? Eeew.

Mon said...

Since I am a freak, and I live on the Lost msg boards, I can say that a lot of people think their dead and in purgatory,from day one. And the producers keep saying its not that simple, and they wouldn't do that to us.

I think they threw that in there to mess with people. Clearly......the others are great manipulators, I think they either a)made it seem like they found the flight to the world so they wouldnt look for the survivors, or b)that parachuter is in on it and trying to get them to all lose hope.

No way their all dead. They are in some sort of time warp or something. If I were smarter I could figure it out, but it has something to do with time. I think they want to kill desmond since he can see things. And it seemed she spoke the right language to each person. like hurley could speak spanish...eye patch italian, she tried to talk to jim but that it wasnt korean, english to desmond. interesting!

I dont think benry can leave either. he's full of it. They made it seem like they left the island but then who are all those people camping in the previews next week?

4 more episodes????????

Greys: Well, it seems like the rumors might be true about addison leaving and having her own show. And i bet george goes with her. Mercy West? since in real life him and burke had those problems. I'll be totally pissed off if this happens.

mcdreamy was mcdick this week. I hope meredith gets her mcsteamy on, cus that would be awesome!

PS. I saw that penis fish on a discovery health channel show all about parasites. It's real. There are a bunch of nasty freaking things that can inhabit your body, there was one worm thing that lives in your eye, and looks like a regular blood vessel. Except it sucks your will to live.

ag said...

I heard you laughing during The Office all the way in Maine. Every time I watch it I am in disbelief at how brilliant it is, but then I hear you and I know it's true.

Sassy Blondie said...

OMG...Lost was too much! Now I have even more questions, and the only one they answered was that the baby is Jin's. Stupid Eyepatch guy...why did I think him dying was a hoax in the first place?

Juliet better redeem herself and stay away from Jack, otherwise she must die a slow, horrible death at the hands of Kate.

Poor Desmond...he was devastated and relieved at the same time that it wasn't Penny in the chopper. But he still didn't take off his shirt. Come to think of it, neither did Jack. When is this going to happen???

Everything that has been said about Grey's I can only repeat. Let me just unanimously agree with you all.

The Office-I don't know how funny a show can be, but The Office has to come the closest to being as funny as it can get. I nearly peed my pants with Andy and his girlfriend saga!

Lindystar said...

I'm so pissed at mcdreamy I would kick his ass if he were real. What happened to Knight in shining armor? It's freaking lame.

Your comment about Bailey and the cake was too funny and so true. I just love her.

Sassy Blondie said...

McDreamy is back to being McBastard.

Torrence said...

"you have one day"

and i have no dry pants. seriously, it's mind-bottling

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I can't eat or drink during the Office because I'd be spraying all over the place. You said it - each week you don't think they can get funnier then, damn it, they do.

Usually my favorite shows get cancelled, thanksfully the Office is too awesome. RIP The Andy Barker show, which was great but never got a chance. If you watch the episodes online at you'll see what I mean.