Monday, April 23, 2007

You guys sick of the creepy Cabbage Patch Kid picture?

On Friday night at about 1 in the morning, I spent a half hour watching an infomercial for this and used up all my energy convincing myself not to call and order it. The infomercial was hosted by Air Supply who, by the way, sang the samples of their songs live in the fake living room studio they were in. Hello! Awesome! By the way, I had never seen the guy who sang The Pina Colada Song until this infomercial. Have you guys seen him? He is a giant dork. Seriously he looks like a computer geek from the 70's.

On Saturday we won our football game again. If you're keeping track, that's 2-0. WTF is going on. Meg caught her first touchdown pass, but we remained cool and calm and kept up our intimidating exterior by not making a big deal out of it. And by not making a big deal out of it I mean we all rushed her while screaming, "Meg, you did it!" And I picked her up. Then we spent the afternoon on the patio of a bar getting weird sunburn lines. Seriously my forearms and hairline are bright red while the rest of me is not. That is HOT. Saturday night Steph got so drunk she told me I could be her wingman again even after last week's debacle. I knew it was just the booze talking, though, so I refrained from causing further damage.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours washing my car inside and out which, much to my father's chagrin, I have done approximately 3 times since I bought it. Then I came inside and saw that it is supposed to storm today. I'm taking this as a sign that I should never wash my car by hand again. Seriously there has to be a guy out there willing to date me and wash my car for me. Please? I will do your laundry! And I will share my liquor with you. Okay wait-I need to think about that one.

Please tell me if you are from Cleveland that you watched "30 Rock" on Thursday. It was all about how Liz Lemon's boyfriend is from Cleveland, and they went there on vacation, and they painted it to be absolute paradise. The whole episode was so fantastic, I am saving it forever. Best lines ever:

Floyd and Liz arrive in Cleveland.
Liz: What smells so good?
Floyd: Cleveland.

After deciding they wanted to move to Cleveland, Liz changes her mind and tells Floyd so.
Floyd: It's okay. We were on a vacation high. If the whole world moved to their favorite vacation spots then the whole world would live in Hawaii and Italy and Cleveland.

Jack, angrily: Where have you been?
Liz, wistfully: Cleveland
Jack: For God's sake, Lemon, we'd all like to fly to the Cleve and club hop down at the Flats and have lunch with Little Richard, but we fight those urges because we have responsibilities.

Desmond is hot, but he should always have long hair, stubble and his shirt unbuttoned. Like at all times. It was interesting to see how he and Penny met, and why he calls everyone "brotha". And I just want to say thank God he does cuz that is hot. I knew he would end up saving Charlie. He's way too good of a man to have let him die. Hey Lost writers-you really didn't need to show the arrow through the throat 25 times. Message received: Charlie was going to die in the vision. No need to keep showing him gurgling on his own blood. So who the hell is that chick who parachuted onto the island?? Penny had to have sent her right? Holy cripes does this mean they are closer to getting rescued? Come find them, Penny!

Jin telling campfire stories in Korean may have been one of the funniest things I've seen on this show ever.

I'm going to need Kate and Sawyer to stop having sex. Although, it was nice to see she only did that because she was so upset and jealous about Jack and Juliet. I told you she loved him, you guys!! But I did love it when Sawyer said, "Do I need to make you a mix tape?" So effing funny. I caught some uneven writing-unusual for this show-when Sawyer gave Kate the Phil Collins Greatest Hits tape. Kate was not excited. Hello, writers! It's Phil Collins! Do you really expect us to believe Kate wouldn't be excited about that tape? Please. By the way, Kate's body is sick. When they showed her in her undies getting dressed in her tent, it almost turned me into a lesbian. I'm sorry but she is hot. My sister, Drew and I were all like, "Yeah I would make out with her."

Grey's Anatomy
Sometimes I wonder why I watch this show still. Then Bailey is on screen, and I'm like, "Oh yeah." That woman is amazing. I mean seriously I'm in awe of her every minute. Supportive of Derek and Meredith, supportive of crappy Izzie, brilliant, tough ("I know you didn't just demand something from me."). She's the best character on television.

Loved the scenes with Meredith and her step mom. Meredith was being such a bitch and rejecting anyone friendly as usual, and her stepmom did not quit until she won Meredith over. I loved it!! I also loved that Alex came down and saw all the groceries her stepmom bought and was like, "Is this for everyone?" Awesome. Men are always thinking about food. Okay so am I.

I also loved McSteamy helping the chief with women. Holy crap that was hilarious. When McSteamy was talking to that nurse and asking her if she was a jogger then he said, "Maybe you and I should go jogging some time." and the nurse giggled and turned red, I thought 'Yeah that's about right.' That man could probably get a woman to do anything. Especially me.

The scenes with Alex and Ava were heartbreaking. I knew those wouldn't end up being her parents. I cried like a baby when he had to tell her she didn't belong to them.

I started out really happy with how the George and Izzie thing was going because she was like, "So how are we going to handle this?" And he was basically like, "Handle what? Leave me alone." Awesome. And I was happy when Izzie had to leave the room in a wheelchair, and he said he would get someone else to do it. He was being responsible and a good husband. Then he came back. Ugh. Izzie is not more important than your wife, George. Also why are you lying to Callie? Just tell her what you were doing. You were helping out your friend. I'm quite sure Callie would understand if she knew the whole story. It's too bad the writers are writing Izzie and George the way they are lately. I used to adore Izzie, and now it's hard for me to work up any emotion for her because she's just such a bitch. I felt bad for her that her daughter didn't want to meet her, and-okay I'll admit it-I cried a little bit. But it's hard to feel sympathy for someone so selfish. I guess the reason I did is because giving up her daughter was actually unselfish of her. It was a glimpse of the Izzie I used to love. I cried more with the scenes with her and Bailey. Because as mentioned above, Bailey is awesome.

Grey's writers, stop the Izzie and George romance. Right. Now. It is gross.

P.S. Best line on Scrubs: Ted is staring at Dr. Kelso with absolutely no emotion. We hear his inside voice absolutely screaming, "Oh yeah! Suck it, bitch! I will murder you!" Pop came out of my nose.


spaceface01 said...

Ummm...You are SO not the only one who got sucked in by the Air Supply infomercial...Holy crap, I want it so bad!

CruiserMel said...

I want to BE Bailey - maybe not with all those huge boobs and maybe taller, but honestly? I agree she's the best character on television, hands down.

Lindystar said...

Thank you I needed that Greys post. You're SO right about Bailey but I'm still not cryin for blondie.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss. I liked the Pina Colada song better before I saw that picture. Goo. -Steph

Johnny Virgil said...

I've been to Hawaii, and I've been to the cleve, and other than the 12 hour flight, they're exactly the same, except Hawaii doesn't smell like fresh-baked cookies.

Glaziersgirl said...

Love Bailey, Love Derek, Love Alex, Love McSteamy (what his hot name is) but I am really pissed at Izzie and I just can't seem to get past it. Poor Callie, I really love her too. But you just know it is gonna end badly. Run George!!!

Sassy Blondie said...

My TiVo works overtime on Thursday nights! And Sarah, you should stay away from those infomercials...they are the "in" cults need.

Ok..I'm in complete agreement about Desmond. So effing sexy! I'd definitely make out with Kate, no matter what my boyfriend might say.
I thought the parachuter was that flight attendant that was with the tailies for a while and then ended up with all the kids talking to Jack when he was in the cage. Remember she said, "We're here to watch," referring to Juliet's fake
"trial" or whatever? Tell me I wasn't hallucinating and that was that ugly bitch? I'm also with you about the Charlier target practice. I mean, seriously, enough is enough. The mixed tape line...classic! Sawyer is effing hot too..but I really need more shirtless and sweaty Jack. I'm starting to go through a bit of withdrawal with the realization that we don't have too many episodes left. The finale better be spectacular!

Let me repeat: I HATE that raving bitch, Izzie. What a stupid way for the writers to try to get us to like her again! A daughter? With leukemia? Her way back to insinuating herself into George's good graces? I seriously want her to die and Denny to come back. Poor Callie...she should go have more good sex with McSteamy(*sigh*), and let George stay with Izzie. As soon as he will actually want to be with her, she'll move on. Would serve him right! Stupid ass! And why, why, why don't we get more Miranda Bailey? I agree..she's the best character. Meredith needs to take all the help she can get. Her stepmom rocks! Besides, she'll need someone to lean looks to me as if the writers are going to eff up her and McDreamy because of the chief spot thing. I cried too with Alex and Ava. How scary that would be in real life! Surely she'll get some memory back before they get to the season finale?

30 Rock was probably the best one yet! I've been to Cleveland too (I admit I was a huge Drew Carey Show fan, which also starred one Ms. Kate Walsh), and it does rock somewhat! (Who knew?) And didn't it ring true about the "vacation high"? Haven't we all been there? Unfortunately, I had that experience with Los Angeles and moved there. Four years and I was ready to head back to sanity. And I did spit out my diet Coke when she asked what that smelled so good, and he replied, "Cleveland." But I almost peed my pants when Jack questioned her. That show is so good it's scary!

Thanks for the post, Sarah! I was needing to talk about it all...

matt said...

I don't get all of your hatred for Izzie. Back off the Izz hate wagon already. Its a drama...of course they're going to throw in a leukemia problem...and they told us she had a kid last year so that's no big surprise. Seriously...George is the one that's married and lieing to his wife. He's the one that's really in the wrong here. And if she dies, I'm quitting watching the show, she's hot.