Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phoning it in again: I edit some of the current top headlines on Yahoo! News

Riggs named most 'Beautiful Bulldog', dreams of world peace

Passengers' rights are debated...then tossed out because eff those people

Execution drugs can cause painful deaths, study shows. So do the weapons used by those who end up on death row.

Ancient Rainforest Revealed in Coal Mine, Immediately Chopped Down to Supply Staples with Copier Paper

NY exhibit offers new look at Monet, Monet suing saying nude pics were obtained illegally

NASA releases 3D images of sun, turns out it's still a big ball of fire

Fat models stay in Africa as West wants Size Zero. In Related News, Okay Seriously Moves to Africa

Basinger Denies Leaking Baldwin Rant, Is a Big Fat Liar

Researchers probe fossilized rain forest, rain forest feels violated

Study: Breast-feeding won't deter obesity, will deter people from looking you in the eye

`Girls Gone Wild' founder sent to jail, no one on planet surprised except for those who thought he was already there

Rosie takes aim at Murdoch at luncheon, doesn't realize she's no longer relevant

Naked man shot near U.S. embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Possibly related: I haven't seen John in a while.

Teachers "purify" students with cow urine

Yeah I didn't do anything to that last one because seriously-I didn't really need to.


ThatGirl7278 said...

Yikes! Is there a link to that last one? Or am I gonna have to google that shite?

Sgt said...

Didn't they always tell us not to look directly at the sun? Now they force feed it to us in 3D...

The cow urine thing was sort of odd. Basically the gist was, cows are sacred as are their wastes. The students were the lowest class, so they used it to remove their demons. I'd judge... but we used to drill holes in peoples heads to let the demons out, so I figure these guys are better off.

Johnny Virgil said...

the big ball of fire comment made me laugh out loud in some person's ear. I was on the phone with them -- I wasn't just standing really close.