Thursday, May 03, 2007

Big Apple bound...but first, some Lost spoilers

I am leaving for New York City in a couple hours. My sister, Drew and I are going to visit my friend Sudha, spend all our money and hopefully stalk some celebrities. We are going to a Yankees game where my sister will most likely flash A-Rod, and I will outwardly clap for the Yankees but silently loathe them. The reason I plan on pretending to be a Yankees fan is because I'm pretty sure that if I don't, actual Yankees fans will kill me dead. It's about survival, you guys. It's my own personal Lost. Saturday we will be going to the Tribeca film festival and then seeing Avenue Q on Broadway which, in case you didn't know, is a musical. Starring puppets. And Gary Coleman. Two words: Bring it. Also I plan on going to Magnolia and getting a cupcake because 1) they are famous and 2) I am chubby and like cupcakes.

I am already preparing myself for the fact that I won't be able to watch tonight's shows until I come back on Sunday so my thoughts on those shows will be delayed (and seriously for those that care what my thoughts are, I just want to say that I love that you care). So I will leave you with my thoughts on Lost and ask that you please discuss in the comments and fill in the blanks because I know I missed stuff. I was so overwhelmed by what was going on.

Truthfully I'm not really sure where to start. I don't think I really have all my thoughts together. Last night's episode was awesome...and weird...and frustrating. Let's just start with the biggie: the declaration by Locke's dad (LD from here on out) that they are dead and in hell. If this is true, I am not happy. It feels like a cop out to me. What would be the point then of people having babies and fertility specialists and kidnapping and psychological testing and smoke monsters, etc? I mean honestly-polar bears in hell? It makes no sense. As soon as he said that they were in hell I was instantly disappointed. However, the mere fact that they had him proclaim it makes me believe it's not true. Lost doesn't give anything away like that. I don't think we'll really find out what the h is going on until the end of the series. LD said that one of the EMTs working on him after his accident smiled at him. Maybe that's because he or she worked for Ben's company and was about to whisk LD off to the island. I mean the accident was not his fault-he got rear ended. And Ben's people have killed before (Juliet's ex-husband).

Speaking of LD, it was pretty obvious just from the previews that Locke was asking Sawyer to kill him instead of Ben. And of course we all already knew that LD was the real Sawyer who our pretty Sawyer held responsible for his parents' deaths. It was nice to see Sawyer finally get his revenge. But nicer to see him be so shaken up by it that he got sick. He's still human (or a tortured soul spending eternity in hell-it's unknown which one at this time). LD was a complete rat bastard to his final breath. Good Lord that man was nasty. He got what was coming to him-death by metal chain strangulation! Nice!

Now as for the Locke story. What the hell is going on? We've been waiting for you? He's not the person we thought he was? What does all of that mean? It's so goddamn creepy. And then the Suddenly Susan guy who gave Locke Sawyer's file told him that he was special to this island and that Ben was jealous. To me, it was already obvious that Ben was jealous of Locke. I just really want Locke to lose his effing mind and kill Ben. How poetic would that be? He doesn't have the stones to kill the man who stole his kidney, stole his money and then paralyzed him, and as a result Ben embarasses him for being a coward then Locke sacks up and kills Ben? That would be beautiful.

I think Locke was being serious when he told Sawyer he was on his own journey now. I don't think he feels that he's on the Losties' side or the Others' side. However, he handed Sawyer that tape recorder and told him Juliet was a spy (lying whore), and I'm hoping that means that when the final battle comes-and it will come-he will come through for our Losties. However, what in the HELL is Ben going to show him in the upcoming episodes? "Are you sure you're ready for this, John?" I'm scared. And how come every time Ben calls anyone by their first name it makes all the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He is so creepy.

When I say final battle, I mean I think we are in for some serious Lord of the Flies shit, y'all. Former friends battling for power. People only being allowed to talk when they have the conch. Everyone shirtless wearing crowns made of vines and leaves. Piggy dying. Wait. I might be taking this too far. But, writers, let's see what we can do about that shirtless thing.

Seriously I don't like where this is heading. First of all, WHAT THE FUCK, JACK!? What do you and Juliet know that you're not telling? I swear to God on everything that is holy, writers, if you make Jack bad I will never ever forgive you for as long as I live. And Juliet, CAN YOU PLEASE DIE ALREADY!? Wipe the shiteating grin off your face and die! I'm not usually this into television death, but this show really brings it out in me. I don't know if I have ever hated a character more than her. Nina on season one of "24" was pretty close. I might have hated her more. Actually she didn't have the smirk so no-I hate Juliet more.

In other happenings,

- Sayid finally had something to do. It's about effing time. Also Desmond told the guys to tell someone they trusted about the parachuter. Did you see his face when he realized they'd told Sayid? He had a big smile like, "Good choice, fellas." I was thinking the same thing. Sayid is the shit.

- One more thing, Danielle is so effing crazy. I like how she just comes onto the Black Rock and is all like, "I'm just here for dynamite." Oh okay, crazy lady. There has to be some significance that she came on the boat while Locke was there. Maybe she'll end up thinking Locke has "the sickness" that forced her to kill her crew years ago.

- Penny did send the parachuter! Yay! She told you she'd never stop looking for you, Desmond! I'm sorry but to me that has to be one of the most romantic things that's happened on the show even though there was no making out and one of the characters wasn't even there. I can't imagine being Desmond and knowing that the woman you love has literally never stopped looking for you. Amazing.

So to summarize: What the hell is going on? Seriously.


Skeezix said...

Oh Magnolia, they are ok but nothing fantastic. I used to work around the corner from them, the real gem is Corner Bistro- same side of the street a couple of blocks towards 14th Ave- look to your right since it is a bit off to the side.

Looks divey, but is the most delicious burger ever. Seriously. Eat there. I command it.

Oh, it's cheap. Like $5 for a burger and $2 for fries. Cheap beer too.

i am not said...

My husband and I went to a Yankees game several years ago while in New York. They were playing the White Sox. We are White Sox fans. We wore White Sox jerseys. We were a bit scared. The fans around us couldn't have been nicer, though. We had a very nice experience in NY, NY - no mugging, no rude people, only one guy who intimidated us into buying a hat for $20 "as a fine for smoking on the sidewalk." Sometimes you just don't question...

Lost rocked last night. I think the parachuter and LD are plants from the others and are feeding them the "no survivors" story to mess with their minds. Remember, the others have files on everyone - of course that girl would tell Desmond that Penny has never stopped looking for him.

urban princess said...

I care about your TV thoughts. We'll get through somehow without your GA thoughts until next week. Have fun in NY!

ThatGirl7278 said...

FYI: I nominated you for

Hope you don't mind. ;)

You make me want to be a better blogger.

Sassy Blondie said...

Jesus H. Christ! Sarah, WTF is up with Jack? Did you see Kate's face? I want them to kill that bitchface Juliet too! I'm not really sure it's a smirk that's on her face though. Really, that actress has the worst facial presence. I think she's botoxing a lot.

Sawyer is quickly overtaking Jack as "the man" on Lost. I absolutely wanted to hug his sweaty yet pukey ass after Locke pussed out and let Sawyer do his dirty work. I don't see him growing a pair before this season is over...sorry, but I really don't. And are we going to find out who the mysterious Jacob is...EVER? Supposedly, he's the head honcho..the list maker and shit. I love that you remembered the guy from Suddenly Susan! He had that ridiculous accent for that show. He's rather dark and swarthy though, eh? But I digress...

Let's get back to Jack. What the hell? He's like a pod person. I know he punked the producers in the press, but can't they act like grown ups and stop cutting his time and turning him into asshole #1 on the beach? Shit!

Have a great time in NY! I lived just outside of midtown Manhattan in Sunnyside, Queens for about 9 months. And Skeezix is right on about Corner Bistro. Good beef, good beer. What more can you ask for?

When you get back, two words: Grey's Anatomy. I'll sum up my initial reaction: Effing pissed.

Say hello to Derek Jeter for me(and by say hello I really mean ask your sister to flash him) ...and if you meet a guy named Sal Tucci at the game, tell him I said hi. He and I did the Subway Series years back. Gotta love those Brooklyn boys and their Yankees...

Anonymous said...

You will pee your pants at Avenue Q. FUNNIEST THING EVER! Buy the soundtrack!

Dina D'Alessandro said...

Re: your NYC visit

People like these cupcake places, too: and

Re: Lost

Why does Kate have to tell Jack everything? And in front of Lying Whore? WTF, Kate?

Nessa said...

Dude, you forgot to mention that they mentioned Bernard and Rose! They're still alive! They haven't been on screen for so long I had half-decided they were dead.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Yankee fans can be tough opn opposing fans, if THEY start something. Red Sox fans are far worse. They go taunt kids wearing opposing team colors, which isn't cool.

If you get into a sticky situation just point and yell, "Look! It's Ty Pettington!" and then run the other way. Works every time.