Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hit me with your best shot

I haven't had time to write up my NYC recap or watch the shows, but the good news is that apparently this person works in my building:

I can't wait for the day this person gets fired and becomes disgruntled. Where can I buy a Kevlar vest? Preferably one that shows cleavage.


Anonymous said...

As someone that has recently been forced to forgo her trademark chest cleavage, let me tell you, butt cleavage is the new boob. Wear the Kevlar vest, with colleagues like that, you need it. Low riders and thongs will make up the difference. -Steph

Skeezix said...

That is awesome, awesomely bad.

Definitely much worse than the 5 million "Real Men love Jesus." bumper stickers I saw in Kentucky this last weekend.

Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, nexttime you go past that car can you get me the phone number or website address? Thanks.

Lindystar said...

I think it would be fun!

I already own a gun but I've always kind of wanted to take lessons.

But yeah, sorry in advance if he looses it. I wonder if you could find a mini travel size K-vest to put in your purse just in case.

Sassy Blondie said...

Buck up, Sarah! Get your vest and then your own weapon. Maybe if you guys are in the same class, you can bond and he won't kill you first.