Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Grey's recap-just in time for the new one

I finally watched it, you guys. For some reason I thought it was the season finale, and I was like, "This is kind of lame." Then I realized there are two more. Question about the previews for next week: who's that whore trying to pick up McDreamy in the bar? Not cool, whore.

Poor Christina. Having to deal with both overbearing mothers making her do the exact opposite of everything she wants. She handled it pretty well. I was really annoyed with Burke for not supporting her more. So he wants a big wedding and she doesn't. Can't they work it out between themselves and come up with a compromise? Why is Burke such an effing pussy around his mom? And also why in the world is he questioning whether he wants to be with Christina or not...AGAIN? I think they'll end up getting married, but Good Lord, writers, can you just stop it with the "do I really want to be with this person" crap? It's getting old.

Addison's new show looks like it could be good. It has a great cast-including the awesome Piz from "Veronica Mars". She and Tim Daly have good chemistry. The first episode guest starred hottie Sark from "Alias". And then there's the number one reason: Taye Diggs. I thought the dynamic between everyone was fun, and I loved when Addison was like, "We're not Mc-ing anything here." Kate Walsh really is likable. And ridiculously beautiful.

Bailey is the greatest ever. When she yelled at George and Burke, I was cheering. I want to be her.

I loved when Ava called Alex out on his BS. "Why are you so good with me and so bad with people you actually have feelings for? What happened to you?" I hope this is foreshadowing of storylines to come where we will FINALLY get more of Alex's backstory. I've said it before, but I think he's the most fascinating character on the show, and we know hardly anything about him. Also, he is just so so pretty. Can I just say here that I'm so glad they didn't go the way of Denny and Izzie with the Alex and Ava storyline. I was so afraid they would have them hook up, but it doesn't look like that's the kind of bond they are forming. And I'm thankful for that. I think it makes it even more interesting. He cares about her as a concerned doctor and now a friend because he was there from the beginning and he wants so desperately to help her and her baby. It's lovely really.

Izzie. At the beginning when she ran up to Christina so unbelievably excited about going wedding dress shopping, I was laughing my ass off. THAT is the Izzie I want back. The one who's annoyingly cheerful and loves everything cheesy. She really is adorable when she's like that. Bring that Izzie back, writers. We're sick of the slutty, marriage-ruining one.

George and Izzie. Ugh. Please make this end. Callie was so awesome in yesterday's episode. She and Christina make awesome friends. Remember at first I didn't really like her? Well she has completely won me over, and I was so sad when I realized she probably won't be on the show anymore. I don't even know what else to say about this storyline. I'm hoping if I pretend it's not happening, it will just go away. However, does anyone else think George looks like one hell of a kisser? I'm impressed, you big nerd!

Oh, Meredith. Even the haters out there have to feel something for her right now. At some point, when do you just stop trying with your dad, Meredith? You'll never be as important to him as his new family. I know he slapped her out of pure and utter grief, but my God. How much more can poor Meredith's heart take? How much more can my heart take!? Every time she turns around she's being disappointed by someone she loves. She was finally feeling happier and now McDreamy's being McAssy and her own dad not only hit her but blames her for her stepmother's death. Oh and her lovely stepmother. I can't believe Mare Winningham will not be on the show anymore. I'm so sad. And she finally made Meredith feel loved and important. Oh my God I can hardly stand it. Here's all I know: McDreamy, get. your. shit. together. ASAP. I don't have time for your whiny-ass games.


Lindystar said...

I'm sorry but I was a bit pissy that they were using HALF of the show to show us Addison's new show. Nice try assholes.

What??? Did you mention something about Callie having to leave? WHAT?? I love Zena Princess Doctor.

Fucking George, Fucking Izzie, Fucking Burke, and seriously FUCKING McAssy (i totaly love that btw) I'm going to kick your asses Greys writers. Really.

Damn I don't even think I hate Merideth anymore. No wonder she's so screwed up.

Sassy Blondie said...

McAssy is good, but I prefer McBastard. What the hell? That's all I can say about that shit.

I'm with you, Sarah, on the ridiculous "do I really, or do I not?" relationship angst. I mean, come on! And Burke is a big puss...effing mama's boy like so many men I know. It's really both sweet and disgusting.

George and Izzie? I don't THINK so, writers! Are you on a bad trip? Listen to me: put the crack pipe down and call A&E's Intervention. If they take Callie and continue to leave us in the dark about Alex, I don't know how much longer I can watch.

Did you guys feel your cheek sting with that slap?? I think I was actually crying..

citygirl said...

I wasn't so sure about the Addison show at first, when I thought the elevator really was talking to her. Finding out it was an elevator operator (which nobody has anymore, seriously) saved the day for me.

You forgot that Francie from Alias was also on the show. How cool was it when Piz macked on Francie and they almost kissed? Then she actually fled her own office to stop herself from taking advantage of some young Piz lovin'. Cooler than cool. I will watch the Addison show just for those two.