Friday, February 22, 2008

Election Shmelection

Is election year almost over? It's starting to piss me off-sorry, Steph. Last night I got a phone and my caller ID said it was from Virginia. I happily answered it thinking it was my friend Brian. No. It was some chick trying to get me to vote for Hillary. I can't take it anymore you guys. They call me all the time. Leave me alone, candidates, or I swear to God on election day I'll pencil in Dr. Jack Shephard.

Also to my Clevelanders and Miami University alum: hell yeah effing Szczerbiak is coming to town! Wally, you are hot and awesome and I will love you always after you took us to the Sweet Sixteen in 1999. And you can pretend like you don't remember me following you around campus and giggling anytime you smiled in my direction, but I know you remember our special bond. A stalker-stalkee bond is hard to forget.


Mon said...

i was pretty much over all this election BS when they started cutting into my TV shows with updates on the primary. Um, I'm trying to see who the biggest loser is, get off my screen!

Robin Z said...

Right now my answering machine says I have 3 messages, because I am saving these recordings of Hillary (2) and Jack Nicholson (1) encouraging me to vote for Hillary. The Hillary ones are breezy and friendly, "Oh, hi, vote for me!". Jack, on the other hand, sounded like he was reading a script at gunpoint and possibly after a few stiff bourbons. I'm going to save them for a while, I mean it's not like Jack Nicholson calls me everyday (well, not anymore...)

Anonymous said...

For the sake of my love for you, I'm going to pretend i didn't read this entry...-Steph