Thursday, February 14, 2008


So this year for Valentine's Day I thought I'd share with you this article that suggests that unmarried women in their 30's should consider settling. Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a noose, unmarried ladies!

As a rebuttal to this, my friend Lisa sent us an email yesterday from the library where she works as a sexy librarian. I am going to paste it in here in its entirety because it's just too awesome:


On the day before V-day Day...I relay this story of why it is better to NOT SETTLE.

So, this couple has been in the Children's area on the Internet since I write this it is 7:23. Mom, who's about my age, was filling out a job application and Dad is on MySpace. So, while Mom tries to entertain her baby and toddler WHILE filling out a job app, Dad screws around on my space and never turns around once. Yes, you read correctly...Mom is looking for a job while holding her infant and wiggly screaming 2-year-old, while Dad....plays. on. MySpace. Not once does he offer to help, or God forbid, take the kids so, you know, Mom can look for a job!!!!!!! I can't believe people!

So Mom finished with her job app about are starting to get bored etc...asks Dad if he is almost done. Dad says yes, in a few minutes.

Um...they are still here. Dad is still on MySpace. He's spent the last 3 hours on MySpace, looking up Alice Cooper tribute bands and kung fu sites (I wish I could make this stuff up) while his children scream and his woman tries to calm them. Lest you think he is not helping, he has helpfully yelled at his woman for letting the kids yell and occasionally screams, "Don't whine! Bruce Lee doesn't whine!" to his two-year-old. No words, guys! No. words.

I would so rather be alone forever and be eaten alive by one of my 47 cats than ever, ever, ever settle for that guy.

PS.....Dad just told Mom she can't go to the restroom because he can't handle the kids without her.

Never settle, ladies."

To sum up: "Bruce Lee doesn't whine" is my new favorite catchphrase.


lengli said...

"As the only single woman in my son’s mommy-and-me group, I used to listen each week to a litany of unrelenting complaints about people’s husbands and feel pretty good about my decision to hold out for the right guy, only to realize that these women wouldn’t trade places with me for a second, no matter how dull their marriages might be or how desperately they might long for a different husband."

Lori Gottlieb should be strung up and horse-whipped by Bulgarian dog trainers. I get so unbearably angry that after women crusaders have done so that we might be treated equally and achieve independence that there are others around who are teaching young women the exact opposite.

Bruce Lee doesn't whine and he sure doesn't back down from a challenge!

A said...

That is really sad. What a terrible situation, that poor woman.

Anonymous said...

She'd be better off with just the two whiny kids than adding a third whiny adult.

Maybe she really really really hates taking out the garbage and thinks it's a decent trade. Some people are weird like that.

Anonymous said...

I think this article gets wildly misunderstood and unfairly characterized as "anti-feminist", whatever the hell that means. It is a realisitic view of marriage and partnership, nothing more.

Dhor said...

Bruce Lee definetly wouldn't have whined about the monster-pad that old lady gave you. Hell he'd probobly whip it out and use it as a weapon.

(you are so damn funny btw. I don't tell you enough but you are)


Sarah said...

Anon, for the record I didn't say the article was anti-feminist. I said it was depressing.

Dhor, thanks! You're awesome and not a whiner much to the joy of Bruce Lee.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I picked up the femi-nazi attitude from the comments, not from you. I agree, it is a little depressing...such is life.

-Lo (forgot to sign last time)

Lisa said...

Um, hi Internet. I just wanted to mention that I do not actually have 47 cats. Just 37...
Actually, I have no cats. They scare me a little, and make me sneeze. Just doin' my part to dispel ugly librarian stereotypes. Thank you,

elizadoohicky said...

"Lori Gottlieb should be strung up and horse-whipped by Bulgarian dog trainers."

LOL lengli!

Can we do the same to MySpace-Library boy? That woman has 3 kids and no husband...

I just want to say, that I understand the underlying message in Gottlieb's article: the perfect man does not exist.

I married "the perfect man." He takes out the trash, helps with our daughter, lets me pursue my dreams, encourages me to go out with the girls, attends to my needs, takes care of everything he says he will and treats me like a queen...but he, like all humans, has faults, and after 5 years of marriage, those faults which were so inconsequential when I said "yes" have become glaring holes in my affection for him. Such is life.

But that is where commitment and adult communication/compromise come into the picture.

Love a man, faults included. But "settle" for a man you don't love? No way.

Mon said...

This is the truest thing I've heard in a while. It's better to be alone and happy, than deal with some dumbshit man like that! Eh, no thank you!!

Alex said...

The only thing I really was offended by was the whole "woman lying to themselves" thing regarding having a marriage and children. I'm 35 and I hate, no that's not strong enough, I ABHOR the idea of having children.
So far as husbands go, i've got 4 engagement rings in a box because I just couldn't go through with it, in fact i'm living with someone right now and thinking of moving out, not because I want to break up but just so I can have my own space. Maybe i'm just commitment phobic but your story is a perfect example of what i'm terrified of.
I guess i'm not a "dreamer".

tiff said...

that woman needs to dump the 180 pounds of excess fat in her life, and quick.

Worked for me!